September 15. 2013

White Dog rested her head on Taiko's shoulder and slowly responded to his question, "Are things always so busy here?"

"Well, Little Brother, this September HAS been and will be more hectic that normal. You came. The rains came. The White Dog Army has lots of commitments to spread the word about beating the c monster. Dad goes back to school as a student and the new teaching quarter starts. Most of those things don't happen all of the time but to be sure, now that you are a member of The White Dog Army you must learn to nap when the humans are doing boring stuff so that you are fresh and ready when it comes time to go for a ride or a walk or do something fun."

Taiko considered her words and shook his head. "This is all so very different from my old life of being chained up outside where nothing EVER happened and I got yelled at if I showed any enthusiasm. What if I can't adapt?"

"Taiko, dear Tender One, you are already adapting...and wonderfully. I am proud of how gentle you are with people and how quickly you are learning to understand the limitations of your older brother and sister as they bump into you and fall on you. You have made dad smile with such joy as you have given him your heart. I am proud that you are a member of the WDA!"

"Really? Even if I get nervous when I am crowded too closely by all of the Army and need to go off by myself?" "Sweet brother, I SO can empathize with needing alone time. You may not know but I was an only child for a LONG time before Quinn came and while I love you all, sometimes I still need to be by myself. It is OK."

"But right now, Taiko, lets go round up the rest of the pack and let momma know it is time for duck jerky!"


Sally Ann and Andy said...

OH my darling Siku,
I think you are the kindest and warmest Eskie gal. You are so good to take care of your new brother. Your the absolute bestest.
Your loving Eskie Boy Friend,
Andy Stanley

meowmeowmans said...

We, too, are proud of you, sweet Taiko. And we are so proud of the WDA for always being so loving and caring. You are fitting in just fine, Taiko, and you are surely loved.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

You soul is very wise and open. I have no doubt that you will adapt. Life will bring your much happiness. You will learn to be thankful for the stars when you see them, and even if a leaf should fall from a tree- because that is the Universe speaking through Mother Nature.
It will be a good life for you...
I know it.

Jo's World said...

Dear Taiko:

Maybe soon, you will be the greeter and the comforter of a new White Dog. Your family will give you everything you need to be strong and knowing, and off you will go with it, helping other dogs. Siku will show you and your Mum and Dad will be with you. The day of the chain is over!


haopee said...

Awww. Taiko. By the way, I haven't seen your picture yet so I can't wait to have it posted at the header like all the WDA.