September 16, 2013

White Dog shifted in her sleep so that I could swing my legs down. Nuka has developed a new ritual over the past week of waking right before dawn and scrambling unsuccessfully to gain her footing. I suspect her legs fall asleep from not moving through the night.

In this new twist to our dance of life, Steve carries the still drowsy girl out for a potty break and then returns to hand her to me. I cradle her like an infant and she rests her head against my heart. Steve instantly returns to sleep as I rock and stroke Another White Dog back to a place of calm...and eventually a slumber. I then gently lay her on the floor right against the bed (this place exactly she insists on) where I can reach down for a few additional minutes and pet her ears. Nuka, safe and at peace, goes into a deep sleep that carries her to breakfast call.

It is our moment, just hers and mine. I am so filled with the trust and love she gives me curled in my arms that I often tear up. I watch her eyes get heavy and feel her breathing slow to match mine and I think of the night we brought her home, angry and fearful...so snappish that Steve had to toss a blanket over her and wrap her up to get her out of the van. The girl that didn't like to be touched...or brushed...or bathed...or held; the one who would not even sleep in the same room as the rest of us. I softly kiss the shaved spot under her ear and run my hand slowly over her "Nuka boot". She grunts quietly and presses closer. I am tired for I am not an early riser and know that I won't return to sleep as quickly as the others.

But I would not trade this time or this exchange for anything.


Random Felines said...

those quiet moments are the best....mom woke up at one point this morning with both Jake and Elwood curled together and right next to her and she just took it all in :)

Brian said...

That sure is a very special together time.

haopee said...

Priceless moments. Those which makes life even sweeter.