September 19, 2013

White Dog was whispering in the corner with the White Dog Army. There has been a lot of that since I have been sick. OK, well admittedly I am NOT a patient patient  and this flu, being able to keep food in thing, is getting more than a tad tiring...and sure I AM crabby. But STILL they were whispering.

"I know the signs," she was telling the others. "Something is going to push her the wrong way and then heaven help the Universe. It will be her stand on the top of the mountain and shake her fist yelling 'Bring It! You aren't going to stop me!' moment and then she will make herself well." Taiko the Tender drew a deep breath and took a step back.

Then a chainsaw started up nearby. "What the..." I cried as I wobbled to the sunporch and looked out to discover that the trees on our corner were being cut down! "MORE tree murders?" The WDA rushed out to stand and look with me, pressing tightly against me willing their love into me. I sat on the sofa out there and tears began to fall.

"Humans get overly emotional when they are sick," Nuka tried to explain. But she did not understand. In days before the WDA or even White Dog, those are the trees Steve and Sheena, our Sheltie, sat under on the grass when their nightly and morning walks became too much for our girl slowly dying of liver cancer. To this day, Steve still pauses at that spot when walking the Army to look at the stars and say "goodnight."

The huge stump of the Mother Tree cut down in the summer across the street still haunts and now is joined by the remains of three lovely mature trees. Our established neighborhood with its graceful trees and foliage is taking on a new look that is somehow less warm and inviting in its lack of green. Someone said this is being done because roots are becoming a problem (I snort to WD and mutter maybe it is a metaphor for Lack of roots are becoming a human problem).

It was the jolt that I needed. WD was right. "I am done being sick," I announced. "I am taking control of my body back and then of my life and who knows I may not stop until I take back my world!" No more sips of water and nibbles of crackers. It all comes to the same result anyway so tonight it is gulps of ginger water and a big bowl of New Mexican style spicy chili. "Bring It!" I challenged.

"Told you," WD whispered to her siblings. Puff, my little feral girl, rested her head on my foot and looked up in admiration. "I love this woman," she said. I know she understands.


meowmeowmans said...

The WDA knows you so well! Oh, and we love you, too! :)

Brian said...

Y'all are just so smart and will keep that Mom in the best of health!

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Well done mum. Maybe those trees were doing a last job by helping you! Our mum has been past our old home recently and the massive old gum tree that was just wonderful and majestic has been cut down :-( She was so sad because our five hu-siblings had played under it for many years. Take care all. NO worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Alien said...

Be well!


FiveSibesMom said...

Oh no! I didn't know you were sick! So glad you are feeling better!!!