September 20, 2013

White Dog ran ahead of me and spread the word, "Momma's better! It is gong to be a GREAT day!" It was our Friday Is Saturday and I WAS feeling finally, like I was getting back to normal.

Good thing, too. The White Dog Army and I have a weekend full of catching up and keeping commitments to do. Our biggest task today, is to get ready for the "Please Give Me A Forever Home" Adoption Event at our favorite pet shoppe. Our Paws To People, Bridges To Cures Organization has been invited to have an information and community awareness booth at the event on Saturday.

Floofy white supervisors were ready, lists in paw, and the process broken down to steps to make sure that we had all of our print materials, the game prizes, tent, chairs and signage. White Dog assigned herself the chore of making sure all of the little incidentals often forgotten and then desperately needed (like pens, and scissors, extra tape, and string) were all remembered.

The WDA insisted I continue to take it slow and easy. "With a weekend like ours, you cannot afford to have a relapse," Oso pointed out. They made little boxes on their lists as Steve gathered items and put crosses through those boxes when the goods were placed in the car. It was a pretty foolproof system; I was impressed at their management skills.

The compilation DID leave me exhausted so after one final run through I was ordered to an early bed. "Remember, it is not just tomorrow," WD reminded. "Sunday is the P2P Meeting in the Park and Monday night is the Blondie concert for the Espanola Valley Humane Society." (Yes, THAT Blondie!) I nodded and yawned. "I guess we ARE going to be pretty busy. Thanks for keeping everything running smoothly while I was under the weather."

One-by-one my White Ones kissed me goodnight and settled into places surrounding me. Just as I dozed off I heard Puff, our early bird, say to Steve. "Set your alarm for like 5:30, it is an early setup tomorrow and you will have to leave the house by 7am." I guess there truly is no rest for the recently well.


Brian said...

We are all so glad that the Mom is feeling the all better now!

Jo's World said...

Happy to hear you are feeling much better,Sue, just keep it that way!

Cheers and hugs,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Random Felines said...

glad you are feeling better - hope the weekend was great for all the organizations!!

KB Bear said...

I'm so glad that you're feeling better!

meowmeowmans said...

We're so glad that Momma is feeling better!