September 23, 2013

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army loves to hear stories of the old days before they were part of our lives and are fascinated by tales of the ancient times before Steve and I had ANY pets save a tarantula and an iguana. The were arrayed around me in rapt attention.

"Back at the beginning of time when Dad and I first met our lives were very different than now," I began and the WDA inched closer. "Dad courted me by sharing his love of music and dancing. I was not ever as au courant as Dad is and he was even more so then. This was back in a time before you and your birth mommas and possibly even your birth grandmas...35 years ago!" The White Ones nodded, understanding that I was talking a LONG time ago.

I continued, "Dad was an avid participant in the original punk music scene and we spent countless dates dancing at O'Banyon's in Chicago, shopping for the records of obscure bands at WaxTraxx (they were round vinyl disks that were made to sing by dragging a needle over them)." "Sounds painful," YoYoMa said, "I would sing, too."

"We wore torn jeans held together with safety pins." "Were you poor?" Puff asked. "No more than the usual college kid, but no, we tore them on purpose to look cool." White Dog shook her head. "When dad went out on dates he used hair gunk to make his hair stand straight up and I put on dark blue lipstick and nail polish. I wore a necklace of red plastic lobsters and sometimes I would bring my pet tarantula, Man, (spider man, get it) with me in a soft pouch I wore around my neck." "You wore SPIDERS?" "Yes, Sweet Oso, he was very nice and would sit on my shoulder."

"You are kind of scaring me, momma," WD said. "You never dress like that now." "Well, Little White Dog of My Heart, that is kind of the point I am leading up to."

"If way back in those clouded mists of yesterday someone would have told me that at 57 I would be going to a concert featuring Blondie and X at the Santa Fe Opera House on a Monday Night I would have laughed for two reasons: the absurdity of the idea of living to be so old and the scene itself."

"Yeah, that would be pretty crazy," the WDA wagged and agreed.

"It might have been EXCEPT that is exactly what dad and I are doing tonight. Going to a punk concert at one of the world's foremost opera houses. Who would have thought?"

"WHY????" was the chorus, followed by "we have heard some of that music when we are alone with dad in the car; it is really loud and pounding. We do not have to go do we?"

"No White Ones, it is a charity concert benefiting the Espanola Valley Humane Society and our friend Wyatt, the sweet three-legged boy, is the spokesdog since he came from there."

White Dog looked at me with eyes wide. I could tell she had an important question. "You and dad. You aren't going to dress like you used to are you? I mean you are, as you said, different now."

"Don't worry Little One, I will not embarrass you. The last time I wore a safety pin it was to hold up the fallen hem of my pants leg and you could not see it. BUT if he wants to, lets let dad get a little wild with nostalgia and maybe let him put a little extra mousse in his hair!"


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Mom says thanks SO much for the grins!

She might even have some Blondie upstairs amongst the big skhware things with holes in 'em!

Oh yes - the old days!

She says she khould send evFURRYone bakhk in time even more by planting THIS EARWORM -



Tweedles -- that's me said...

its good to go back in time and remember those special moments- and to share it with others- its what makes the world go around.

rottrover said...

We hope your humans had fun!

Bart, Ruby and Otto

24 Paws of Love said...

Thanks for the chuckles and the memories. lol! Ah the good old days. Mark still prefers the sound of vinyl.

A tarantula! You forgot to mention that! I love spiders!! Although I don't like them on me. That must have freaked some people out! We have a no-kill spider zone in the house. :)

Hope you rock down and have a great time!

Ginger Jasper said...

Love the memory stories and I can imagine so well the sight lol. Hope you enjoyed the concert and had the best time. Hugs GJ x

Jake of Florida said...

Loved the images of yesteryear and now! Torn jeans. Blue lipstick. Who knew????

But even more, loved the image of the White Dog Army gathered around to listen attentively to the story.

Wirey woofs,

Just Harry (and mom, Joan)

Sagira said...

PLEASE tell me you have some pictures from the past? Would LOVE to see them. :)

meowmeowmans said...

Oh, what great memories to share with the WDA! We love it! :)

I remember X from back in the day. I saw them play a few times in Hollywood/L.A. I'm kind of jealous. Have FUN!

Brian said...

Those were the days my friend, I thought they'd never end!

challenge coins said...

Thanks for the chuckles and the memories. lol! Ah the good old days.

Anonymous said...

Loved the images of yesteryear and now! Torn jeans. Blue lipstick. Who knew

challenge coins said...

oved the images of yesteryear and now! Torn jeans. Blue lipstick. Who knew

FiveSibesMom said...

Oh what a fabulous stroll down Memory Lane! (Except I am still thinking about Man around your neck)! Such rebel rockers, love it! Music was a huge part of my youth and adult years (a story for another time) so this just brought back so many fun memories of rockin' out and being carefree. And torn jeans...yes, the coolest! I remember my brother tying a brand new pair to the bumper of his primed '56 Ford and dragging them around the block to achieve that very look! Oh, as Brian stated above, those were indeed the days my friend! And I can just picture the curious little sweet faces of the WDA as you retold your tale...priceless! Hope you had fun and rocked out at the concert!