September 24, 2013

White Dog and the White Dog Army can feel the change. It is cool in the mornings when we wake. No longer is the swamp cooler needed to keep us comfortable during the day; it is the perfect time of year when open windows and doors let in perfect breezes and long tawny light. It is getting dark earlier in the evening. Things have a feel of transition.

The downside of the creeping toward winter is that joints ache a bit more for the older members of the Army and suddenly stretching out on the cool tile isn't as inviting as curling up in the pillow's warmth. Baby birds no longer chirp outside the window and the leaves are beginning to whisper "Change."

Nuka in particular is feeling the melancholia of Summer's fade. She still struggles with the loss of her best friend, Quinn, and has over the past days spent more time lying on his Tribute Stone seeking its comfort. She is achy and it is a delicate balance to control her old age pains with too much dependence on pain meds. Another White Dog spends a lot of time these days staring dreamily at the rustling leaves, not quite in the here and now, but I think, peacefully remembering.

The rest of the WDA senses Nuka's bittersweet state and are worried. My Beautiful Ugly Duckling and I have had talks and she is not ready to give up, nor has she lost her will to live. "Things are different this Autumn," she tells me, "I feel it. It is strange and sad and I feel out of synch."  I understand what my girl is saying; often these days I get that same sense that the world is changing into something I do not fathom. I hold her in my arms and we share the balm of empathy, often in the dark in the middle of the night when all the world is quiet save us.

And the Army? They do what they always do. That amazing instinct that makes my pack completely able to overcome every challenge. They unite and form a shield of love.


FiveSibesMom said...

I have tears reading this...tears from the beauty and the love (as that beautiful photo shows; tears at change for even though we welcome Autumn in all of its blaze glory, we too worry about the effects if cold weather on our convalescing babies. They love the cold and snow, I can only hope the cold and snow will love them and their convalescing joints. I have tears for Quinn...whose presence is with you every day...and for Nuka that she remains strong and has many more memories to create with you. May this new season filled with so much beauty bring you and the WDA many glorious moments of happiness long into the time when the snow flies, followed by spring, and into a new summer season. Sending hugs to all!

Asta said...

Deewest White dogs

yoow love and feeling of fambly will get you thwoo this change like all the othews..fall is bootiful, but always a littol sad too..the dawkew days, the twees losing those lovely leaves, but it's also a time when the family snuggles togethew and dweams of the yeaw past and to come...I know you awe all thewe to help Nuka at his sad time fow hew..I am thewe too in my heawt
smoochie wawm kisses

Jo's World said...

It seems most of us go through this autumn season with some gladness for the beauty, some sadness for the cold and snow that is coming. When I was a kid, it was time to line up winter activities, knitting, sewing, painting, whatever your talents were, so you had good challenging things to do. White Dogs, what are your interests?

Cheers and hugs,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Random Felines said...

change is hard for everyone. and this time of year makes us all think about things from the year and remember..... purrs to Nuka and all of you

Jake of Florida said...

Here in South Florida, change is always so subtle, almost imperceptible. It requires serious belief. We are still sauna like, with a chance of slightly cooler nights. but until that November 30 end-of-hurricane-season whistle blows, we watch the swirls of winds and the other harbingers of serious storms. Today I read a big storm was off the East Coast and thought, what will we do without our Jake the Weatherdog? Then I remembered that where he is, he has his paw right on what is happening even before it happens.

I've grown to love your White Army. and enjoy picturing their soft and sensitive communion with you and each other.


Joan and Just Harry

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Seasons will change, but the White dog army will always remain strong and comforting. Please tell Miss Nuka that I am sending her reassuring links and Eskie dances to make her smile.