October 19, 2013

White Dog leaned against me. "I know you humans count on us dogs to live in the moment, Momma, but for the first time I think I understand some of the sadness people feel when loved ones are lost and an era ends."

I held the Little White Dog of My Heart gently and softly stroked her ears.

WD continued, "Gracie Lynn was always there as a friend. She and I grew up to be divas; we shared a destiny and a royal nature. She encouraged and helped me adjust as the White Dog Army grew. She and her family were always first there to support me every time I took up the fight to end the c monster. She was part of my family, momma. And now she is gone. Her family aches and doesn't understand why...and neither do I. Gracie was a treasure to me and now I am a pauper.

"Mr. Pip, too. He was an anchor in a confusing world; I knew I could always go to him and be reminded that it is only life after all, enjoy it to the fullest. From cheeseburgers to riding in a royal wagon to challenging one of the fastest pups in the Blog World to a race, Pip was the essence of gallantry wrapped with gusto and tied up in compassion and caring. A little bit reckless, a half-hearted wanna-be Bad Boy but with a heart of pure love. And now he is gone, too.

"Losing these beloved friends who have shared my journey makes me scared, Momma. What if some day everyone I love is gone? Quinn left us already. I fear Nuka won't be with us much longer.Suddenly I realize I am no longer a pup myself." She buried her head in my shoulder.

I had no words of comfort and my tears wet her furs. So I did the only thing I could think of. I carried her out into the cold dark night wrapped in my jacket. Every one else (including Nuka) slept peacefully. The world was still. We shivered and huddled together and watched the meteor shower looking for signs that Gracie and Pip had not forgotten us.

Our memories will get us through...along with our love.
This is for Mindy and Kristin and the families and all of us who share the loss.


TwoSpecialWires said...

Great big sigh. We get it. Loss hurts. So much. And the depth of the pain is directly related to the depth of the relationship. We are realizing the truth of that over and over recently. Our hearts ache. But we are so grateful for the joys that we've known. We'd do it again in a heartbeat. Even knowing ...

Brian said...

Yes, it has been way sad and I am also afraid I am about to lose another dear and long time friend. Hugs to the WD Army, we understand. We didn't know Gracie, but Mr. Pip was a special pal.

Mr. Pip said...

Thanks for this heartfelt post! An anchor in a confusing world - WOW! Pip has certainly been our anchor for many years - you really captured him in this description. He was sweet and gentle on the outside, but inside he was very strong!

Thanks for all your support and friendship. The tributes to Pip and comments on his blog are really helping pull us through this painful time. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

A very heartfelt remembrance. I did not know these wonderful furriends, but I am sure I would have loved them deeply too. paw pats, Savannah