October 30, 2013

White Dog and The White Dog Army 
Wonderful World Wednesday 

 White Dog and the Army have been discussing the fate of shelter dogs in earnest these past days. Adopting a dog to save a life was part of our decision to bring Bella E. Premuroso, Tiny White Dog, home as a new recruit. We know she is but one pup and thousands are in need of permanent homes and fosters. Getting the word out to the public and raising awareness to adopt, don’t shop is crucial in moving closer to the goal of a home and love for every creature in need. Toward that celebrity and high fashion will catch the world's attention, the WDA hopes.

The designer, Ralph Lauren, a long time dog lover, took the message haute couture this week. Hopefully adding an air of being ultra chic to choosing a new furfriend from the shelter will generate “knock offs” as the fashion conscious at all income levels look to their local rescues and shelters for the perfect partner to share a stylish and fashionable forever life
Ralph Lauren Uses Rescue Dogs in Fashion Spread By Good News Network Monday, October 28, 2013
For the first time, Ralph Lauren is featuring shelter dogs in its fashion advertising, showing off its line of fall accessories alongside adorable rescue dogs. The beautiful ad campaign not only wants to sell handbags and gloves; it is also designed to promote the adoption of shelter dogs.

A miniature dachshund named Roxy was one of ten dogs participating in “The Dog Walk” campaign, collaboration with the ASPCA that kicked off on Oct. 15.

The charming pups were plucked from shelters and featured in a short film, set on city streets. Though the brand has never shied away from including dogs in print ads in the past, this is the first time the company has let rescue dogs take center stage in a fashion show alongside their human model counterparts.

A Quick Reminder: We are beginning to create the Tributes for the Memorial Wall and we need your stories, thoughts, and photos. The Wall will be the focal point of Paws To People’s November 16th Candle Light Vigil to Honor Cancer Warriors, Survivors, and Caregivers— both human and pet. We hope you will contribute tributes of your loved ones to help us share a Universal moment of loss, hope, and determination. Be part of spreading the light. Send your submittals to me at sehismith@aol.com. Thanks.

WHN at Dachsies With Moxie has created these lovely flameless candles for Paws To People. They are available with a customized name (up to 7 letters) or bearing the words "Love," "Always," or "Hope." They will be featured at the Candle Light Vigil. Let me know if you would like to sperad the light.


Random Felines said...

what a great idea.... we love when companies choose to feature rescue animals and show they aren't "broken".

Mr. Pip said...

Aren't these tea lights lovely! We have one for Pip, too!

meowmeowmans said...

We were just talking last night about Ralph Lauren's Dog Walk Campaign. What a great first step!

How are your submissions for your Memorial Wall coming along? We can send some pictures (of our pets who had cancer, and our Aunt Kathy, who passed away last year), if you'd like.


Ginger Jasper said...

We would very much like to spread the light and would love to sponsor a tea light with Jasper's name on. How do we do that please. HUgs GJ x

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy Mates, YAAHOOOOO! Sorry we're late but we've read your news about little Bella and are overjoyed for you all. We were HOPING you would open your family to another white dog and you are!! We just know Quinn and Nuka will be smiling down on you all and celebrating with you. We can't wait to meet your Tiny (Dancer!) White Dog. Sorry but as soon as we read she was tiny, to us she will be your Tiny Dancer. Take care and once again, YAAHOOOO! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Alien said...

Happy Halloween!


Francesca Villa said...

Beautiful idea! I love thoes flameless paw candles btw!!