October 31, 2013

White Dog and the others reviewed the Halloween Safety list and looked up. "What do you mean trick-or-treat candies are not for dogs?" "You know pups cannot eat chocolate and I worry about the sweeteners that are used in some of the stuff." "Dad didn't buy chocolate because HE can't eat it," White Dog pointed out. "Just those stupid fruity suckers that you can eat wrapper, stick and all." "Precisely why you are NOT having any."

"OK, we don't leave the yard, so #2 isn't a problem," "Umm, well, I would like it if all of you, especially Taiko who likes to lie out there and not come, would just go out for business and come back in once it gets dark...just so I know where you are. Not so nice strange things sometimes happen when fun gets out of hand tonight"

"CONFINED?" they all howled. "Why should we be confined?" "Well in normal homes for safety since the door keeps getting opened to screaming strangers, but I will concede this one to you. Since we have a two-door system, the house door and the porch door, you won't be able to slip out or terrorize the trick-or-treaters." "What you REALLY mean is that since we only get about six kids anyway there isn't much chance for mayhem."

"No outdoor cats to protect. Or Pumpkins with candles to keep us from. Have no Halloween plants or corn stalks. No wires or electric cords out of the ordinary," White Dog went down the list. "Hey, WHY don't we? If everyone else has these things, shouldn't we? Are we Halloween Scrooges?" YoYoMa whined.
Oso agreed to pose with his official WDA scarf but stressed it was NOT a costume!
The WDA moved to stand shoulder-to-shoulder for the next on the list; they cast their best we-mean-business look and read, "Don't dress your pet in a costume unless you know they'll love it." I could tell they were thinking about the scads of dress up the pup (and kitty) photos we have seen. "Please note, momma, we DON'T!" "Is virtual OK," I asked. WD sighed knowing it was her photo I was thinking of. "Do it," she agreed, "but you owe me!"

All of the White Dog Army always wears a break away collar that holds their ID, a tag with our phone number, and their chip info at all times, except when they are at Chez Steve's Spa. Just as a prcaution. Not that any of the WDA would run far...but you never know.

As we were wrapping up the discussion, there were loud BOOMS! from the end of our block. YoYoMa and Taiko ran for cover. White Dog climbed into my lap. "Are there any safety tips that will protect us from cannon fire?" Puff asked shaking. More BOOMS! "Not that is better, Sweet Ones but we are not under attack, someone is playing with fireworks.. The safety tip is stay inside and close together. We are safe but it is always more comforting when we huddle as a Pack!"

Hope your Halloween is fun and safe...and not too scary!


Random Felines said...

hope you guys stayed safe last night....sounds like a good list!

Agnes B. Bullock said...

Havwe to make Taiko and Bella official WDA scarves too- will out them in with the candles

KB Bear said...

Booms, in addition to scary costumes on kids? Oh my. I'm glad you all stayed safe inside together!