November 13, 2013

White Dog and The White Dog Army
Wonderful World Wednesday

White Dog and the others have been helping with the final touches. For half of the WDA this Saturday's Candle Light Tribute to cancer Warriors, Survivors, and Caregivers will be their first experience in the fight to end the monster for all creatures forever. They have never experienced the power of the Wall of Heroes but have watched me over the past few weeks prepare for its installation.

To me, this assembly of faces and stories is sacred and it space hallowed. It holds an intensity that bring many who view it to tears and without doubt adds an awesome energy to the assembly. This year we will light up the night with our hope and unity, joined in spirit by so many from this Blog Family, from our hometown community, from strangers who have heard what we do. For the first time, more human faces and stories will be present because finally we are being understood that the fight is not about dog cancer...or human cancer...but about ending cancer. period. cancer.
These are just some of the faces from our Blog Family that will join us on the Tribute Wall. Each year we save and guard these tributes and they are displayed and honored each time the Wall is assembled.

In planning this evening, this celebration, I have had many discussions with White Dog and the Army about my role and what it should be. I have others who have joined our mission who are devoted and who deserve to tell the story of who Paws To People is and what we do for I am proud of each of them and their own passion. I am blessed to have the voices of two special Light Bearers, Natalie and Shadow, who will share their stories of fighting the beast within themselves. Steve is a wonderful public speaker (much more poised than I) and as Master of Ceremonies keeps things on track and connected.

The vision is mine, but others are insistent that as founder I must also be heard. Wise and with an understanding that there needs to be closure at the end of the night, White Dog has come up with a solution and a role for me that is beautiful. Here is the part where I ask for your approval to be audacious enough to read a prayer that I have written. What do you think?

"Joined hand, paw and heart, we ask the Universal Light to reflect our unity and love tonight and to bless all of the Warriors, especially those here with us, those remembered on the Tribute Wall, and those never forgotten in our hearts.

"We ask that our hope and determination to end cancer for all creatures be channeled into insight for those doing research to help them clearly make connections and build bridges to cures;

"into compassionate understanding and wisdom for those involved in healing, in treatment, in providing care;

"into increased awareness and support for the fight itself.

"Finally, we ask for success in finding ways to stop the beast that takes too many too soon and calls too many to do extraordinary battle within their own bodies.

"We ask this in the name of creating a more perfect world, shining with health and the opportunity for all to fully realize his or her life's potential.



Random Felines said...


that is lovely. and now mom needs a tissue :)

meowmeowmans said...

Amen, dear friends. We are weepy after reading your beautiful post.

We are sorry we did not get photos to you for the tribute wall. We had a (human) family emergency across the country, and things have been a little crazy as a result.

Thank you for shining light, and bringing love and hope to so many. We are truly honored to call you friends.

KB Bear said...

Amen. A beautiful prayer. Thank you for including my sweet girl, Acadia.