November 18, 2013

White Dog was stunned into silence. Just what do you say at a time like this?

When we got the call from Jesse early this morning we ran to the computer and immediately began posting for help. "Albuquerque area friends please help Remus find his way home. A black miniature Schnauzer, Remus is chipped and wearing a red collar with tags. He lives in the Placitas area and has been missing since before 6pm last night. Be on the look out and share! If you spot him, call..." There were people that we knew out all night searching for him, including his human parents and his littermate, silver Romulus.

We have known these two Schaus since White Dog was a puppy. They trained together and learned their first social skills as part of the same group of dog lovers. Their parents are indulgent, caring, and incredibly responsible.

They were out running errands. Their house, like ours, has a dog door and a yard with a high block wall. They are guessing the wind blew the gate open at the back of the yard. Both boys are well trained and seniors, neither would be likely to just go for a stroll...When they returned Remus was gone and Romulus was in the house, quaking...

Here we prayed that Remus had not been taken, dogknapped. It was just too strange that he should suddenly go missing and not come when called as his parents canvassed the neighborhood. All day, our friend and his family were on our mind and we asked the Universe to send him home safely.

When Jesse called late this afternoon, the entire White Dog Army crowded around me hoping to hear the sounds of good news. Instead our friend and WD's one-time trainer was sobbing...and as she told the story I instinctively wrapped my arms protectively around the closest White Dogs.

The family walked the entire area for miles with whistles, calling their boy, with Romulus in tow to help in the search. Neighbors and friends joined the hunt and posted fliers. The effort began almost immediately after Remus disappeared and did not let up.

Remus and Romulus live in a beautiful home that backs the Wilderness Area. They have a 10' high block wall around the yard. Out of the gate at the back of the yard lies what is still truly wilderness, ruled by hawks, snakes, cougars, bears, and yes...coyotes.

What must have happened, as the heartbroken community tries to piece together events is that a decoy coyote must have approached the open gate luring Remus close in an attempt to protect his brother and home. A few hundred yards beyond the yard was found the site of a a bloody attack but not enough information to tell the story. Coyote packs let the decoy distract the prey into their circle before attacking as a unit. A second gorier and more compelling site was found closer to the arroyo not far away.

I cannot imagine how Remus' dad, who made the initial discovery, felt. No one had the stomach to search further for Remus' collar or in the hopes of finding identifiable body parts. But the size of the site and the timing seem to pretty conclusively suggest that our friend has crossed the Bridge.

We are horrified but understand that coyotes have been systematically pushed off of their territories and that their normal prey has been eliminated as the area becomes more populous. Forced to live side-by-side with humans and our ways, coyotes have lost their natural fear of people and are bold. We stand adamantly against the "sport" of coyote kills. But we cannot help but curse the pack that saw our friend as food and not as a gentle friendly boy who knew 18 tricks, could do the weave poles faster than any pup, and who was merely trying to keep his brother safe. Remus did not deserve this death.

All this evening I have not been able to help randomly pulling a warm bundle of White Floof close to bury my face in the soft fur, whisper "I Love You," and to cry for the grieving ache that fill the hearts Remus' family. I wish the serious black boy peace and hope that his release was quick.


meowmeowmans said...

Oh, this is so terrible. We have no words, other than to say we are sorry. and that we send hugs, purrs and prayers of peace and comfort to Remus' family and friends.

Random Felines said...

we are so sorry for their loss.... it is terrible that the loss of wild habitat forces the wilds into people areas....and that pets pay the price for that. purrs to Remus' family

Ginger Jasper said...

Oh I am so very sorry to read this and I can only send love and prayers to your friends and hope they help a little. I like you hope if it was your little friend that it was very quick. Hugs and love to you all. Carol x

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Oh no. This is so terribly sad. We send you and Remus's family our sincere love and sympathy on the loss of their boy. Take care mates.
No worries, and LOVE, Stella and Rory

ra husky said...

How very unsettling, please send your mates all our comforting thoughts and warm husky woooos,

RA, Isis & NanĂ¼k

Jo's World said...

I was so hoping for a happy ending!

The wild is always out there and hopefully our little dogs will stay safe, our condolences to the family!


Asta said...

We awe sobbing. That poow sweet boy and his family. What a sad and howwibull thing to happen..pleez tell them we awe lighting a candle fow Wemus. I know he will be spwinkled wif amnesia dust on his way to the bwidge and will only wemembew all the love his family gave him..he is safe and pain fwee and doing all his wondewful twicks fow all ouw angels now.
Pleez stay safe deew fwiends
Smoochie kisses

Sagira said...

Oh my gosh, that is AWFUL. We had a friend at our training club lose a Jack Russell to a coyote as well. I'm so sorry, our thoughts and hearts go out to the family. :(

Kari in Alaska said...

oh that is terrible :(

Stop on by for a visit

Brian said...

That is booribly sad. We love all animals, but not those evil coyotes. They have killed way too many of our friends :(

Tweedles -- that's me said...

oh no! tooo sad!
I am so sorry

KB Bear said...

That is so very very sad. I'm so sorry...