November 2, 2013

White Dog is amazingly willing to share her space with TWD.
White Dog and the White Dog Army's official historian, Puff, sat together. "We have learned a lot about our newest recruit in just twenty-four hours," Puff said. "I am sure the story will get lengthier once Tiny White Dog warms up a little," White Dog observed. "Remember you kept trying to hide out in the corner of the yard for weeks and you wouldn't even let momma touch you." "Seems like THAT was so long ago and how could I have been so silly?"

So here is what we have discovered about Bella E. Premuroso for now:

  • Although we picked her up in Farmington, NM from a foster for Breeder Rescue Adoptions out of Colorado, little Bella is actually from Kansas...talk about strange coincidences! BOTH White Dog and Puff are from Kansas.
  • Our newest girl has black skin on the inside of her ears and on most of her body. Her tummy is spotted lifke a giraffe's.
  • Tiny White Dog has some very cat like habits and abilities. She likes to get under or behind things and goes way to the back. She is also very agile and easily, despite her dainty size, can leap with ease onto chairs.
  • She prefers to sleep in the open crate, huddled WAY in the back corner.
  • Bella does not like sudden noises and dashes for the nearest cover when something startles her. "It is going to be a while before she enjoys or joins in to our song for the mailman," YoYoMa commented.
  • Leash-training is definitely in order. The little girl has challenged us about pottying because she just sits and shakes on a leash but our yard is large and has lots of tight hiding spots (like under the deck) so we have chosen not to just let her have run of the yard. Sunday's project is to assemble a small pen where we can carry her out and give her freedom inside a controlled area. 
  • Bella loves to be held by me...and she is pretty good with Steve. She does not ask to be held but if we pick her up, she settles quickly into arms and snuggles peacefully. Michael is trying VERY hard to win her over and is being amazingly gentle but she is still just not sure about him. Thank goodness he seems to understand that small steps and time will win her over.
  • TWD loves the house meal choices but is not quite sure about what to do with treats. This of course, amazes, the WDA. "REALLY? She is just sniffing duck jerky?" Taiko was shocked but recovered in time to put in his bid for her rejects.
We have discovered a few things about our house and ourselves as well:

  • The White Dog Army instinctively understands her boundaries although each is anxious to get to know her better and for her to truly become one of the pack. She seems more open to advances from Puff and White Dog; the big boys scare her and Oso is too pushy.
  • It is VERY hard for us humans to stay patient and let her hide. In our hearts we know that time is all that is needed for her to get used to the changes she has undergone and to respond to our love, but the tiny girl just makes us want to sweep her up and barrage her with the features of life at White Dog Ranch.
  • We have WAY too many places to hide (like behind Puff's oxygen crate) and never considered the possibility of having a tiny white dog able to scoot under when we bought our heavy low (so we thought) furniture.
And the adventure has only just started.


The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

Amazing coincidence of TWD being from Kansas like Puff and Siku Marie. In my small town in Kansas, I don't think I can think of one white dog I have ever seen. Must be out in Western, KS...
Much Love to the new recruit and the patient WDA and pawrents and Michael,
Mindy :)

rottrover said...

Well, Otto's first night with us was spent biting me! I wish he would have hidden!! Not really. It's been10 months, and he is such a wonderful asset to our pack!

Kari in Alaska said...

Just love that snuggle photo!

Stop on by for a visit

meowmeowmans said...

We love that you're getting to know each other. That's one of the things we love most about the WDA ... no matter what, things get figured out, right?

Siku Marie, White Dog said...
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Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Dear Slimmer Pugs...Leon, KS????? And Siku and Puff were from Hays

FiveSibesMom said...

I love that photo!!!

KB Bear said...

What a huge change Bella has had. I have no doubt that she will flourish under your love like the rest of the WDA has. As you said, the adventure is just beginning...

Jo's World said...

Every day in every way life in the WDA will get better for Little Bella!


Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Agnes B. Bullock said...

WElcome to the WDA Tiny White Dog- ou have found the best place to be and we hope you enjoy Blogville too!

Random Felines said...

Bella will learn the joys of being with all of you in no time.... it is amazing the things we learn about everyone when a change like this arrives