November 1, 2013

White Dog paced impatiently until FINALLY we humans and the White Dog Army were ready. We were on a special mission...off to bring home our newest recruit, Bella E. Premuroso, Tiny White Dog, TWD! Farmington, where she was being fostered is a little over a three-hour drive but first we had to stop for a few necessities: a tag for her collar with the WDA ID information (we would not dream of traveling with any pup lacking such vital info) and a safety harness (none of the WDA was ever as tiny as she is, so we had none "in stock"). WD had already supervised the refilling of the car's water bowl; had gathered treats to share; and made sure all of the necessary paperwork was in the car.

We weren't on the road quite an hour when YoYoMa indicated his need to stop. "I thought I told every pup to go BEFORE we left the house," WD groused. To Steve, "I guess you better find a good place to pull off the road; don't want him lifting his leg in here." She glared at her brother. Of course, once we stopped, EVERY ONE needed to stretch and eliminate...including Her Highness.
It was along drive but the day was pleasant and the scenery spectacular. Taiko had bartered to trade seating with Oso and now was king of the backseat where he could look out the windows. Oso found a spot on the floor against the front seats which was canopied with overhang from White Dog's throne. It was like a private nap tent; the rhythm of the wheels on the road soon had our oldest boy snoring.

When we arrived, Steve went inside the house while I waited on the drive with the White Dog Army.
The anticipation was hard to contain and when Steve came out and placed Bella in my arms, the WDA hung out of the open windows and welcomed their new sister. Steve let them out to greet Bella.
It was a little unnerving for the new girl, to have such interest shown. She is basically VERY shy. Bella finished her "hellos" from inside my jacket and the rest of the Army politely gave her space.
She relaxed enough on the drive back to Albuquerque to sleep for a bit.
At home the WDA showed her the essentials...the water bowl...her new food dish (she even ate)...and comfy places to sleep. It was dark so the dog door lesson has been saved for daylight. 

Bella chose to spend the night in the open crate in the office and at some point Puff crawled in and curled up with her. This morning, the new girl was in Quinn's favorite space, the bed in Steve's closet in the office. Oso chose to sleep the night in Nuka's small round bed that we placed in our bedroom thinking it might be perfect for Bella.  
There is still lots for Bella to explore and learn and she is incredibly timid. But she DID muster the courage to growl a short request to the her brothers to show more respect and less sniffing. The WDA seems to understand she needs time to adjust to all the newness...even to the point of White Dog allowing Bella to hide in WD's spot behind the watching chair; from there she can peek out and watch us and can dart in and out as her bravery builds. 

We are on at the beginning of a lovely journey that now includes our beautiful and caring new girl, and thanks to Stella and Rory's mum, Tiny White Dog already has "her" song.


STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy WDA, phew, we've been waiting and waiting and now we get to meet Bella. Howdy tiny girl. Nice to meet ya. You are totally gorgeous. What a wonderful life you are going to have with all your new loving and forever family. YAAHOOOOO! Woops sorry, hope we didn't frighten you butt we just couldn't help it! Take care everybuddy and let the fun begin! Hold me closer, tiny dancer! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Brian said...

Oh beautiful Bella, welcome home sweetie! You have a WD Army of love to surround you from now on!

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

Welcome Miss Bella (sounds sort of like Baby Bell cheese....hmmm...)!
Wesa think you are too cute for word'ums!
Your new furiends,
The Slimmer 4-pack
George, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

nancyturtle said...

Welcome home little Bella!

KB Bear said...

Wonderful tiny Bella. She is such a lucky girl. I can't wait to hear about her new life with WDA!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Welcome to your beautiful new and loving home, little Bella - you are one tiny girl and oh so pretty.

All the very best to each member of the WDA.

Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

Jeanne Pursell said...

Welcome little Bella!! You sure are fortunate to be a member of the very special WDA!! What a wonderful adventure for everyone involved!! I remember when I adopted LadyBug and my daughter and I drove all the way to Philadelphia and back in one day...it was a VERY long day...like 14 hours!! How exciting for you all...Congratulations on your new little one! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

Casper and pals said...

Aww what a sweet little girl she is!!

Welcome to the WDA Bella! You have found the most wonderful home

rottrover said...

We'll hold you close, Tiny Dancer, until you feel at home.

The Black and Tan dog army :-)

Asta said...

Sweet Tiny Dancew Bella,
Welcome to ouw global family and to the bestest most loving home in the oonivewse. The white dog awmy is the most cawing family evew..bof the hoomans who will make shoowe you have love fuwwevew and cawe and all yoow white dog siblings who will help you fit in and become bwave and enjoy life to the fullest.
You awe pwshuss and bootiful and I'm so vewyhappy fow all of you that youw family is gwowing once again. Yoow angel white dogs awe watching ovew you fwom ovew the bwidge and dancing iwif happiness
Smoochie kisses

Random Felines said...

Welcome Bella!!! Oh my - she IS tiny. :) You have joined a wonderful family!!

Andrea said...

So glad Miss Bella is joining the crew! I'm sure she'll have a grand time running around with you guys.

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Welcome to the White dog army from the southern divison. I am Andy, Miss Siku's paramour. You are very cute, and you are now part of a loving family that will love you and take great care of you.
Andy Stanley

Kari in Alaska said...

Welcome Bella!!!!

Stop on by for a visit

FiveSibesMom said...

She is so sweet! Welcome to your new, wonderful, loving home Bella!

Jo's World said...

My greeting to you is a little late, Little Bella, but it is full of love and good wishes for life in the White Dog Army. You have never found a more wonderful home and it will be yours for all the time there is!

Cheers and hugs,
Jo, Stella and Zkhat