December 1, 2013

White Dog climbed into Steve's lap. "Dad, you are a genius!" she said.

They, along with an Army of Supervisors, had spent the afternoon reorganizing the bedroom to create more floorspace. Now that the entire WDA spends at least part of the night slumbering around us, things have gotten a bit tight. There have been inadvertent rudenesses as some pup with a middle of the night need steps on another in the attempt to thread his or her way out of the dog door. Oso's frequent bouts of sleepless pacing has more than once led to him disturbing the soundly sleeping Taiko or YoYoMa by stumbling on them; their startled reactions are to snap and threaten which frightens our Little Old Man. More space would clearly help.

Steve had found in the basement an old woven trunk that he washed and cleaned up and was going to use to temporarily pack books into so that the bookshelf could be emptied and then moved downstairs. The basket fascinated the WDA. Taiko and Puff put paws up on the top rim to look inside. WD peered in from her vantage on the bed. YoYoMa thoroughly sniffed every inch. Bella made a game of jumping in and then out of the trunk. Oso stood patiently just looking.

As a lark, Steve picked Oso up and asked, "Want to see the inside?" and he gently lowered our Fearless One into the trunk. Oso walked the length and then curled into a comfortable position. "He's going to sleep," Steve called out.

"Don't you see dad, you just solved a WHOLE bunch of night problems," White Dog told him. "If Oso likes the trunk enough for it to be his bed, he won't wander at night or wake anyone else. With blankets and pillows he can have a very special place and it won' be scary like a crate. He will be right at the foot of your bed so momma will hear him if he awakens. And then you do not need to move the books, just a few little things and there will still be plenty of room for the rest of us."

"Well, we would have to remove the lid," I said, warming to WD's proposal. "And Oso doesn't seem unhappy in there. But at the first sign he is frightened or doesn't like it, the experiment is over," I proclaimed. Steve reshelved the pile of books as Oso continued his nap, then went to get tools to removed the trunk's lid and hinges.

When he was done we lifted our boy our of the basket and added blankets. Bella and WD jumped in to test the comfort level and gave it "paws up!"

At bedtime we followed our usual ritual of walks, treats, kisses. Oso received his lavender oil aroma-therapy to help him sleep (a smudge of oil across his brow, on top and under his muzzle); Then Steve placed him in the "bassinet" and tucked him in. Immediately he found a comfy spot and settled in. The others each checked on him to make sure all was well before finding their own spots. Several times during the night WD and I crept to the bottom of the bed to peer down on our sleeping baby boy.

I kissed White Dog on the nose and whispered, "You and dad are BOTH geniuses! I think this is going to be just perfect."


24 Paws of Love said...

That is so sweet and so awesome! I love those kind of solutions come like that.

I hope Oso sleeps soundly and safely in his new bed.

Andrea said...

Hoping Oso enjoys his new bed. :)

haopee said...

Great idea, Dad. It seems that WD is right again. Steve is a genius.

I am glad the Fearless One has found his own fortress of comfort.

Kari in Alaska said...

Whata great idea!

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