November 30, 2013

White Dog sounded the opening notes of The Song to the Mailman and the entire White Dog Army rushed into the living room to take up their parts. As the postal carrier stuffed our mail through the slot, Taiko, Bella and YoYoMa jockeyed to see what was being delivered. They barked an extra chorus when an actual package came flying through and landed on the ground.

Steve brought in the mail and as usual, everypup had to sniff for safety and hidden codes. White Dog went right for the large soft envelope then turned to Oso, "It is here!" she announced excitedly. She made the others clear space so our Little Man could come to the front and sniff the package as Steve opened it. When he unfolded the contents the WDA looked from Oso to the fabric. "It is YOU!" Puff exclaimed. "Wow!" Bella chirped. "Are there any treats in the envelope?" Taiko asked as he pushed his nose into the bag. "It's a little version of the White Dog Army Quilt," YoYoMa exclaimed.

"You must pose" WD demanded. Oso cleared his throat and said, "First, I must thank WHN and the Dachsies With Moxie. This is so awesome! I feel like a celebrity! Thank you so very much, dear friends. I want to pose the way I will use my new mat." I had to intervene. "You may pose that way, OAWD, but I must tell you that this heirloom is not a napping blanket. It will join the big quilt up on the wall like the artistic tapestry it is. It IS magnificent, isn't it?"


rottrover said...

WHN is a true artist! Beautiful :-)

Random Felines said...

that quilt is lovely!!