December 10, 2013

White Dog snorted and walked away. "She is SUCH a yacker," the Diva complained about her newest sister, Bella. "She starts talking the minute you move!"

WD is right; Bella E. Premuroso is quite vocal. She has a range of noises that include chirps, and squeaks, and braying, and monkey sounds in addition to the usual "dogspeak." And she gets quite animated in her conversations.

Our Tiny Dancer still is not ready to be picked up and cuddled but she DOES follow me all over the house. And she is always asking where we are going or what I am about to do, or offering advice. She gets impatient sometimes when it seems I am taking too long at a task and she freely voices her opinion.

TWD has begun to direct Steve's preparation of pup meals...from a distance...but she is full of ideas and demands on how and more importantly, when, her meal is delivered.

Her favorite times for conversation with me occur during my times in the bathroom. With not much respect for my privacy, Bella comes and sits at the doorway and talks in monkey chatter. If I am too long, she will pace the hallway in front of the door, pausing to look in and try to hurry me along. If I do not get THAT hint, the Tiny One charges in the door,
tail fiercely wagging and invites me to chase her...usually to the treat jar.

It is not a one-sided conversation, either. Our littlest girl has quickly picked up my saying, "I am going to the office," or "in the living room" and she scampers ahead of me so that she can look back and sing encouragement.

Last night, like every night when Steve turns off the bedroom light, I said to the White Dogs snuggled all around us "Goodnight my loves, sweet dreams." This is after each has been cuddled and kissed and has settled for the night. But last night the final words of the day were Bella's tiny chirp of sleep well wishes in response.


meowmeowmans said...

Bella sounds like such a sweetheart! And smart as a whip, too. :)

I love that she's fitting in so well with the WDA. Even if she is a yacker! Hee hee.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

oh yes,,, what a sweetie!

haopee said...

AWWW! A newbie. That's just precious. Welcome to the WDA family, Bella. We hope to see more pretty pictures of you.