December 11, 2013

White Dog and The White Dog Army
Wonderful World Wednesday

White Dog and the Army love the spirit this time of year brings out in people. Random acts of kindness seem to occur a little more frequently. Folks seem a bit more understanding. The community seems more united and concerned about each other. Maybe it is different in the land of power shopping where we hear so many sad stories of battles waged over trinkets, but in our neighborhood we find people stopping to pet the White Dogs and wish them a “Happy Holiday” and more than usual digging out dollars to push into the collection jars of worthwhile causes.

We know our community is not unique and as this story attests, Michigan towns have a wonderful program that puts first responder volunteers together with an area merchant, and children who might otherwise have no Christmas celebration. Sometimes you can clearly see the difference your efforts make; other times, your positive impact might not be so obvious...but it DOES make a difference. We believe this with all our hearts. 

To us this connection and desire to reach out are the true markers of the season, no matter which traditions you follow. Please share in our comments, similar stories of what your community does in the spirit of unity, hope, and giving…let’s give these acts the spotlight they deserve and celebrate the joy.

How One Family Was Blessed By "Shop With a Hero"
By Good News Network Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Michigan's beloved "Shop with a Hero" program allows police officers and firefighters to volunteer to take children Christmas shopping and pays for the tab.

In Ingham County, 55 children were able to be "shoppers" this year, strolling the aisles of a department store and picking out items totaling $100. With donations from the retailer Meijer, and money donated to the Sheriff's Office for the program, not only was the child able to shop with a $100 Meijer gift card, each family received a ham, turkey, milk, and other food items, and an extra $25 gift card to the store.

One woman whose daughter participated in the program sent a touching letter to WILX, describing what it meant for her family. "With my family, due to recent events, we no longer have any money at all coming into the home, and this was to me, a gift from above. When I called in to verify that we would be there, I had to ask if we might be able to use maybe $15.00 of that $100.00 to pay for gas so we could not only get there, but be able to get home, and let me tell you, I felt bad for asking, but I had to, otherwise she would not have been able to go. The lady told me that they would give me a Meijer gas card, and not to worry, Elizabeth will still be able to get her 100.00 worth of gifts. Needless to say, I cried on the phone to the woman, for the kindness they had bestowed upon us."

Generous and unexpected donations boosted the benefits this year for families. Some of the children were able to also purchase toys for their parents or siblings, buy winter clothing items, and for one family, $50 worth of gas was pumped for their car.


Brian said...

That is so cool, thanks for sharing that story with us!

Random Felines said...

thanks for sharing that. it is true - with everything going on in the world, it is nice to know that these heros - and this store - are trying to help. :)

haopee said...

Elizabeth's story was really nice and sweet. How I wish all malls and shopping stores were this generous. Our home may not be filled with Christmas decors but it is truly a time for people who are less fortunate than us to be given a piece of our blessing.