December 27, 2013

White Dog loves to debate philosophical questions on those rare predawn mornings when we two are unable to sleep and slip into the greyness of the living room for special "momma and me" time. Since Bella has joined the White Dog Army we must be especially stealth as she easily awakens and wants to be at my side, too.

Wrapped together in my afghan, White Dog wondered, "Since Friday is dad's normal day off is this still part of his holiday vacation or is that over now?" "Isn't the point that he is home all day with us, not which book keeping term is applied," I asked her.

"Well, yes I am glad he is home but really...are the holidays over? When I think that dad's vacation is done it makes me sad that things are no longer special and magical like they are when you are on vacation and there are no rules and we all get to feel so free. If this is just Friday-Is-Our-Saturday, then it is normal and routine and while he is here we have responsibilities and errands and such."

"Little White Dog of My Heart, you fret and forget that EVERY time we are all together our love makes life magic and special but rest your mind on your specific question. Dad does not have to work tomorrow; there are no Saturday classes during break so technically he IS still on vacation. And then next week he will be home on both Tuesday and Wednesday...in addition to our Friday-Is-Saturday AND actual Saturday so you still have plenty of holiday vacation time ahead. Feel better?"

WD leaned her head against my shoulder. "I do, momma. I don't know WHY the label matters but having dad on vacation seems like a Christmas present that we only get to enjoy for a short time, which makes it more precious...like flowers blooming in the snow. I am just glad it is not over yet."

I hugged her close and kissed her head. We sat for a bit frozen together until an increasingly desperate scitching at the hallway door demanded our attention.

"Bella is looking for me," I told her. "It is OK," my Girl responded, "Let's let her join us."


Teddy Bear said...

Hi dear friends, we hope you had a beautiful Christmas! Our hearts grieve for Nuka and Quinn. We love seeing Bella and Taiko as new family members.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

White dog is so wise and so loving too. Enjoy your together time xx

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Such a sweet post. Yes, WD IS very wise, and so is his mom.

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