December 3, 2013

White Dog leaned her muzzle over Taiko's nose. "He is still a little snotty but his lungs sound clear and he is only coughing a little," she reported. I called and checked with Cindy at Dr. Julia's office just to make sure that our boy did not need an antibiotic or a visit to see Dr. Julia. Fortunately we have health care pros that prefer not to over prescribe antibiotics and Cindy told us to take a watch and listen approach. There IS a round of puppy colds going around and as long as Taiko is just gunky but not wheezing from the lungs we should just let it work itself out. He is strong and healthy and should be able to kick the bug without assistance she reassured. If it slips deeper into his lungs or he stops eating (HA! Puff laughed) then we should call and come in.

That taken care of, White Dog and the Army gathered around for the important task of the day. We are hosting a holiday Thank You Buffet for our Paws To People supporters and we had to decide which cookies we were going to bake for the weekend event.

The floor was covered in open cook books. YoYo was paging through last year's Christmas issue of Bon Apetit. Taiko was grabbing pages off of the printer of recipes WD had found on-line. Bella was eliminating choices with NO foods: chocolate, raisins, and such. Oso dragged over a note pad and indicated that I should begin a list.

An hour later, the White Dog Army had compiled a cookie list of 43 types of cookies. "Ummm, guys," I said. "To do this we will be doing nothing but baking up until the second guests arrive. I think we need to refine the list." I left the group debating the merits of each choice and defending personal favorites. When I returned after making a few phone calls and getting a glass of water, the list was down to 18. "This is our bare bones final list," WD announced.

"Sweet Loves, I am thinking maybe five or six EASY choices at most. Like this recipe for mini almond strudel rolls has a prep time of two days; that is not possible." "But I LOVE strudel and almonds," Yo protested. "Why does my favorite get knocked off the list?" "Keep the recipe, I will make these especially for you on your Gotcha Day," I said looking into his sad eyes.

"As for the rest of the list," I suggested, "how about we let dad decide when he gets home? After all, he does so much of the legwork involved." Reluctantly the WDA agreed...and waited.

Steve had NO idea when he walked through the door at dinner time why his greeting was so extra effusive and persistent. Soon, though he was on the floor, list in hand, debating with the White Ones. The number had been reduced but I suspect there is still hope that a few will manage to refind their way onto the list...especially since Steve added a few of HIS favorites.

But tonight we started with the pears and walnut ginger bars...and already I can tell that post baking sampling could easily erase our work for the party.


Random Felines said...

tough crowd over there.... but we bet the cookies are a HUGE hit :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I can smell some cookies baking!

Wyatt said...

Mmmmm, the breeze must be blowing from the southwest...we can smell them too. Nothing like fresh cookies from the oven...oh happy day.

Wyatt and Stanzie

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy Mates, mmmmm it all sounds good. Have fun together.
No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

haopee said...

I'm sorry... what's wrong with a wide selection of cookies? The benefit is for the "Paws To People", which means that it's a benefit for paws... which boils down to??? Right, the WDA. LOL.

Just kidding.

I am glad the WDA are helping you with the preparations. Forgive me for not being familiar with Taiko. I do hope he is making a recovery.

Kari in Alaska said...

I hope that he feels all better soon

Stop on by for a visit

meowmeowmans said...

We bet those baking cookies smell delicious! :)

You had me a little worries with the part about 43 types of cookies. So glad the WDA always figures things out. :)