December 4, 2013


White Dog, YoYoMa and Steve were gone long enough for the rest of the White Dog Army to get restless as they waited for bedtime snacks that would not happen until all were safely home from walks and the house officially closed up. When they finally returned their story preempted snacks and reminded us that one of our most favorite things are those spontaneous moments when people just come together to make a difference in a life.

On the walk, our trio passed a distant neighbor just getting into her car. White Dog and YoYoMa started barking as she sat in the driver's seat and began to shut the door. Clearly, they did NOT want her to go. She got back out and petted them but told them that she had an errand to run and must be going; again they started barking. WD lunged and tried to crawl under the car.

Steve stopped our neighbor indicating that WD's behavior seemed to mean there was something UNDER the car. Our neighbor knelt on the ground and looked under but it was too dark to see anything. Steve joined her (now both White Dogs were scrambling to get under the car) and used his cell phone flashlight to illuminate the the ground. Under the car pressed against the tire was a small pregnant cat.

The kitty momma was frightened and would neither come to the humans or run from her hiding place. Steve asked WD and Yo to sit-stay as he tied their leashes on a gate and went back to try to coax the kitty to safety. In the meantime, another dog walker joined them and stopped to help.

The plan was the three humans would each take a side of the car and the back and either reach the cat or force her to move out through the front. The kitty was not feral and seemed fine as long as the strangers kept their distance. Well, the plan ALMOST worked except the clever feline jumped up into the engine compartment instead of running off.

Our neighbor got in the car and pulled the release; the hood was lifted. Almost immediately a passing car pulled up next to the rescuers and asked if there was car trouble. When told of the situation, the young men parked and joined the crew to help. One of the newcomers actually scooted under the car and the other dug in his trunk until he brought out a camping lantern. This additional light was a godsend and he positioned himself on the car roof holding the light so that Steve and the other walker could see where to reach. Our neighbor ran into the house and came back with a blanket.

After a bit of maneuvering, lots of soft words, and gentle woos from the White Dogs and the Lab, momma kitty was extracted and wrapped in a blanket. She had a collar and tags; she lived a couple of blocks over. Steve punched the phone number listed into his phone and explained what had just happened.

"Sandia's dad is coming right over for her," Steve told the team. "She snuck out of the house again and they did not even know she was gone." Sandia, still wrapped in the blanket, was snuggled comfortably in our neighbor's arms. "We will wait with you," the young men volunteered, "then you two can finish walking your dogs." Steve looked at our neighbor who nodded that she was comfortable with that arrangement.

White Dog And YoYoMa were anxious to get home to treats and to tell of their adventure. Our street joins into major thoroughfares at each end and free ranging is just not safe in this urban environment. The rest of the WDA was proud of our pack for their part, but were overjoyed at the strangers who cared enough late on a Wednesday night to stop and help a frightened momma cat find her way home. We went to sleep smiling about the kindness shared.


meowmeowmans said...

What a wonderful Wednesday, indeed. It makes us so happy that there are such kind and compassionate people in the world. :)

24 Paws of Love said...

Second that. I'm so glad you two were there to warn the neighbor of the cat and all that pitched in to help her get back home. Wonderful!