December 6, 2013

White Dog for once was not at the front door complaining that she was not to be included on an outing...it was 22 degrees F AND Puff and Bella were headed to see Dr. Julia! Fortunately the White Dog Army has the best dad in the world and he had preheated the van for us...and off we flew in relative comfort from the weather.

When we pulled up to the Vet's Office, I took a deep breath. There were several vans from several rescues filled the parking area and curb and LOTS of crates full of pets were being juggled and rearranged...I feared some catastrophe but found out when we got inside that we had missed the deluge of animals needing shots, microchips and checkups before being transported...the Clinic had expect 14 at 8am another 10 at 9am all to be done by ten; they got FORTY-TWO dogs and cats at 9am that still needed to be done by ten. We only had to wait about 15 minutes as the staff breathed for a moment and gulped cold coffee before Dr. Julia saw us at 11am. Our vet team is awesome and truly is committed to the community.

Bella still has a trace of an ear infection in her right ear so she was retreated and asked to return in two weeks. Our Tiny Dancer was incredibly well behaved and calm. Puff needed her yearly checkup and shots.

"Three-year rabies?" the tech asked. Dr. Julia coming in behind her looked at me and winked. "Heck yes, Little Miss Puff is going to be with us for quite some time." Her exam proved Dr. Julia on target. "I want to be as healthy as she is when I am her human equivalent," Dr. Julia said. (That would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 85).  "I see no reason why Puffy could not make it to 18. You take great care of her!"

When we returned the WDA all had to double-check Dr. Julia's work...and they concurred with her analysis. Health issues attended to, Bella suggested that all of that effort required sustenance...like good health celebratory jerky. Puff seconded. Motion passed 6- 0.


Jeanne Pursell said...

That was a LOT of dogs to be taken care of!! Glad you were able to get in without having to wait too long. Also, glad to hear that everyone is in good health! Jerky for everyone!!

Jo's World said...

I think I might turn around and go home to come another day! But it sounds like you did just fine.

Cheers and hugs to all!.

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

24 Paws of Love said...

Can't wait to the finish product! We did ours last week and we put on the blog next week.

Good luck!