December 8, 2013

White Dog was the perfect hostess as always. She has, since puppyhood, been trained in the fine art of party manners and graceful entertaining, and at today’s Appreciation Potluck for Paws to People’s most special volunteers and supporters she shone.  After politely greeting each newcomer, WD retired to the arm of my chair where she could oversee the festivities.

The group combined culinary talents to create a feast suiting royalty. We chose from quinoa bites, samosas, green chile stew, enchiladas, pasta, curried lentils, goat cheese dip and chips, chicken salad wraps…but no one could just choose so most ended up sampling each item. Plus Valerie, our good friend who makes the most wonderful candies dropped off trays of her best offerings as a thank you for what the P2P group contributes to the community. Those spotlighted a dessert table that already held six types of cookies, chocolate dipped fortune cookies, pumpkin bread pudding, and a lovely basket of fresh fruits. I saw WD keeping track of what remained as a tally of leftovers and the WDA’s shot at post-party feasting.

The rest of the White Dog Army rose to occasion as well. Adam brought his tiny little senior Pomeranian, Sparky. The little guy weighs all of 4 lbs. and is a shy Sweetie. YoYoMa who is comparatively a giant, was tender and gentle as he greeted and then got to know Sparky and his slightly larger red brother. Yo was heart-broken when his little friend had to leave.

Taiko is turning out to be our quiet reassuring greeter. We are so used to being met by the White Dog Army as we come in the door that we sometimes forget how overwhelming that can be. During the Party, Taiko was in charge of welcoming newcomers and escorting them into the living space.  Considering he had to pass the dessert table a bazillion times and never once even looked to counter surf, we think he did a very fine job.

Puff gets nervous in crowds and is still working on her party skills, but we could tell she was trying mightily. She clung to Steve’s side but managed to avoid panic barking for the most part despite the swirl of activity, the crowd, strange people and dogs, and the sensory assault. We were very proud.

One of our guests, who has three big dogs, always says she is not a dog lover at heart. After the afternoon of holding our Oso in her arms and cradling him to a deep sleep, we think she is going to have to give up that pretense. The way they were snuggled together, I was a bit fearful that our Little Man would find his way into her bag or under her jacket as she left!

The funniest part of the entire afternoon of incredible food and grand company occurred midway through the party. One of the guests said, “Didn’t you just get a new member of the Army?” He was referring, of course, to our Tiny Dancer, Bella. “Yes,” I replied and described Bella. “Well, where is she? I want to see this beautiful girl!”

“She is under my chair!” “She’s been there all afternoon?” “Yep!”

With that almost every person at the gathering dropped to the carpet and lay totally flat to see beneath the chair and get a peek at Little Bella, curled up at the back of the chair against the wall, posed like Cleopatra. She stubbornly refused to budge for any treat and it became even funnier when all the pups present, including the WDA felt the need to crowd in for a peek as well.

All too soon, the party-goers made their leave amidst hugs and thanks and warm feelings. No one left hungry to be sure…not in tummy or in soul!


Random Felines said...

sounds like a wonderful celebration. and the image of everyone dropping to the ground to see Bella makes us laugh :)

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

It sounds as though everyone had a great time. You always make everything come alive for us with your words. Hugs Carol

mypetdiary1 said...

Great tips, I like the guidelines you've laid out here...helpful!
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