January 1, 2014

White Dog caught me as I typed. "Ummm, momma? You wrote 2013, it is a new year. Should be 2014, right?" I sighed. These first few weeks of a new year are always rough as I automatically continue writing the previous year whenever I date something. I guess the change of year doesn't make a big enough impact to embed the rollover immediately; I need repetition.

White dog echoed that exact thought as I typed. "You know, except for the fancy breakfast dad is making it doesn't really seem much different from yesterday. Why is TODAY the day the new year starts?" I didn't have much of an answer for her and mumbled about the human need to have lots of celebrations and distractions to get through the long cold winter...and it being the fallow period in the growing cycle as we head toward Spring's rebirth. She laughed. "So humans just kind of made it up, huh?" "Exactly!"

"We both know that our journey is a continuum and that time and dates and celebrations are put in place to be milestones along our way. Personally, I measure the year from my birthday as a start and the milestones are those that mark the important events that shaped my life...when I married dad...when you came to us...the arrivals and departures of each of the White Dog Army. That is how I mark my year. And I bet most people have a similar method not really driven by the calendar except to interact with others when common ground is needed."

White Dog was shaking her head. "Life would be so less complicated if humans measured days by the time the sun came up, when it went down, and when mealtimes were...and when the day is done it is gone...then the next day happens. Instead you have clocks and calendars and time zones and international date lines...gives me a headache to think about." She nuzzled me and wagged her tail. "Eskie time wants to know how soon until breakfast is served this first day of your 2014?"


Tweedles -- that's me said...

knowing when to eat is very important!

rottrover said...

Essie time is very much like Rottie time :-)

Bart, Ruby and Otto

Jacqueline said...

Oh, how we LOVE your insightful, loving posts and absolutely ADORE you guys!...We are so sorry for the huge losses in your lives of precious Quinn and lovely Nuka this past year and hope 2014 is a happy, joyous year for you all filled with great health, unconditional love and lots of fun!...Blessings to you all, we are really grateful for your wonderful friendship and thank you very much for the gorgeous xmas card we we were so lucky to receive from your special, beautiful family...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

Random Felines said...

yep - things might be easier without all the confusion (and mom is baffled by time zones - MOL)