January 2, 2014

White Dog fully embraced our new year motto of "not wishing for a wonderful 2014 but CREATING it" as she charged in through the dog door, through the house, and leaped up with enough force to rock the Watching Chair so as to enthusiastically greet the mailman. She leaped and lunged at the window dramatically and then pulled up short uttering a small cry.

Suddenly she was no longer interested in jumping or hopping up on the chair and asked for help getting onto the bed. Steve and I checked he out by feeling about, stretching gently, massaging softly, and pushing at her legs to make them bend. She did not cry out in pain or pull away. She was not limping. But as the evening progressed it was clear she was in pain.

My Girl is a trouper and was not about to curse this bad start for the new year. "I think I pulled something in my back," she said, grateful for the position on the couch where she could stretch out and rest her head on pillows; Steve had fussed for quite some time making her comfortable. "Maybe it is that old nerve impingement acting up," I suggested. We gave her a tramadol to ease her pain, "Tomorrow we call Dr. Julia and see what needs to be done...and if she can see you."

The rest of The White Dog Army arrayed themselves attentively around her. They checked her vitals by sniffing her eyes and touching muzzles. They understood her need for a personal pre-bed walk which Steve reported was slow. It was a walk she insisted on but I think after regretted.

In bed she was torn between wanting to cuddle as tightly with me as possible and in finding how best to arrange herself. The pain reliever helped her sleep but somewhere in the night she wakened Steve to help her off of the bed and she spent the remainder on the floor with the WDA protecting her.

I am fairly certain that this is a reawakening of the impingement issue and she will be fine in a couple of weeks given increased meds and time to heal. Dr. Julia will help White Dog regain full mobility. WD is a good patient and will not senselessly jump or push her body; during healing she will ask for help getting up and down and will seek more time by herself...that is her way.

"Best to deal with the imps and get the little trials out of the way early in the year," she said, "we want to clear the way the best year of our lives." I kissed her head and gently rubbed her back until I heard her breathing change to sleep-mode.


nancyturtle said...

Oh White Dog, I so understand! I'm having similar issues due to a misstep while I was on vacation in California. Move gently and take care of yourself.

Amber DaWeenie said...

Suka what have you done to yourself.

Me and my pack all have our paws crossed for you to feel all better soon.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

So sorry to hear this - we will all cross our paws for White Dog to be OK.

Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

KB Bear said...

I hope that White Dog is feeling better very soon. I know from experience how much nerve impingements hurt.

bbes tribe said...

So sorry White Dog is hurting. Sounds like she has wonderful care givers in you all. Will keep good thoughts for all of you and she improves quick

Ernie and crew

Tweedles -- that's me said...

And the healing magic bubbles are on their way!

rottrover said...

I highly recommend acupuncture if available!