January 16, 2014

White Dog came racing back into the house with Bella hot on her heels. WD jumped on on the watching chair; Bella jumped up on the matching chair next to it. They sat like different sized bookends on the backs of the chairs, each facing out to scan the neighborhood. White Dog stretched out along the edge and continued her lookout. Tiny Dancer sat still for a few minutes, began to squirm, then flew outdoors to discover who had made the dog door bang.

It was YoYoMa and both dogs zoomed into the living room after a bit, Bella ahead of Yo. She turned and challenged him to continue their play, head down, bottom in the air, tail furiously wagging. Yet Another White Dog jumped nimbly over her and curled up on the hearth. Bella buzz bombed him, and he teased her by slapping at her with his paw...then Bella Bee flitted off.

Our newest girl  is coming into her own. She still does not like being touched, although of late she has given me a gift of trust several times by coming up next to my office chair and sitting patiently while I softly stroke her ears, face, sides and back...but it is still on her terms. She still usually bolts when approached directly by Steve. But her curiosity is winning her over as she ventures closer and closer to him to see what he is doing. Michael is still a sticking point as she can't quite overlook his loudness or awkward approach...it will happen in time, but patience is not Michael's strong suit and he gets discouraged.

She has discovered her "dances" on her back legs, hopping along, front paws flailing never fail to delight me, and consequently help win my favors. And Bella is not above manipulating me with her trick. Miss B has become my time keeper, the one who lets me know that it is time for breakfast...to get to work in the office...for jerky...to start dinner...to go to bed. Her vocabulary of noises challenges me to learn her language, but most times her meanings are clear.

At bedtime she still sometimes likes to hang on the edge of the WDA waiting for me to toss her treats to her but more and more often she joins the group, sitting along the edge of the bed waiting for the little noms to be handed to her, gently taking it, then dashing just outside the dog door to eat it before coming back in for the next round.

At times it is hard to believe it has only been two short months since she arrived, she has blended so well but then there is a "Eureka!" moment (like the other day when she allowed me to just pick her up and hold her) that is a celebratory milestone...but also a reminder that this is a marvelous work in progress.


Agnes B. Bullock said...

Tiny Bella is coming along wonderfully! she has found her pack!

Jo's World said...

These kinds of stories just gladden my heart. I'll take it to bed with me and dream about the tiny dancer!

Cheers and hugs,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

Glad to hear that Miss Bella is getting into the her own "groove" within the WDA.
Much Love,
Mama Mindy & The Slimmer Puggums
George, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

One of those posts that makes my heart sing. Bella sweetheart you are home x

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh yes these kind of storys make us very very happy!

KB Bear said...

Indeed, she's a wonderful miracle who is blossoming with your patient love.

Jeanne Pursell said...

Reading this reminds me very much of the early days...weeks...months with LadyBug. Celebrate those little victories...for they really are HUGE victories! She truly has found her pack!