January 17, 2014

Round 2 of the Mite-y Battle is underway!
White Dog saw the stack of towels and headed behind the chair. Everyone in the White Dog Army suddenly was very busy and found reasons to not stay in the house.

The brief respite is over, today is the end of Week 1 of quarantine. The day we begin the second cycle of baths to take care of any mites that survived the first purge or which have hatched from eggs (which are not affected by the medicated shampoo).

The WDA didn't know it, but their fates had already been cast. Steve had already devised a best use of towels plan that paired YoYoMa (our biggest boy) with Oso (small and cooperative) today; White Dog with Bella on Saturday; and Taiko (a monster bath hater guaranteed to leave the bathroom and Steve dripping wet) with Puff (who daintily LOVES the attention and warmth) on Sunday.

YoYoMa REALLY thought about ignoring my call to come when he heard the shower running but my boy in the long run is one of the Army's best at responding and he came to me, head hanging, resigned, to meet his doom. Steve picked him up and off they went. Yo is fine in the tub but is a shaker...he is not patient during towel drying and the blow dryer is certainly NOT an option because of the drama it inspires. So we try to team dry him with huge towels as quickly as possible before he breaks away and sends water flying everywhere as he shakes and shakes and fluffs himself and shakes more. Puff and Taiko were both not happy with the shower they received before he was momentarily satisfied and laid down to roll on the carpet.

In contrast, Oso is the most easy going bather imaginable. He stands quietly as you lather and scrub, even lets you place him on his side for clearer underneath work. After, he just loves to be cuddled in towels and dried...followed by a nice warm blow dry. After, he curls up, preferably in some one's arms and takes a deep nap.

The house cleanup for Phase 2 is not nearly as manic as the initial remediation. This weekend we only have to sprinkle diatomaceous earth on the carpet, pet beds, and furniture cushions, let it sit for an hour or two and then vacuum up. Then some spritzes of the lemon oil solution on the upholstery and voila! Good to go for the last two weeks of quarantine.

All that will remain at the end is one final round of baths. To which the ENTIRE WDA howls "Thank Dog!"


Brian said...

Oh yea, y'all sure will be glad when the bug stuff is all gone!

Sagira said...

Sure hope they are all gone now. What a pain in the butt.

rottrover said...

Bu-bye little mites!!