January 7, 2014

White Dog has been recovering nicely from her nerve impingement until last night. She and YoYoMa were pre-bedtime walk partners. As they came back into the house Yo, in what must have been a moment of insanity for all of the White Dog Army knows NEVER to cross this line, tried to mount her Highness, Queen of the Pack. Before the rest could ever get out a gasp of shock, WD had whirled and let him know in no uncertain terms that she was not interested. Her growl as she held her far bigger brother's ruff in her teeth convinced him that he was not the irresistible stud muffin he thought he was. But I saw the look of pain in her eye as she finished warning him that there had NEVER EVER be a next time...we think he got the message but the damage was done.

So today WD is laying low again and conserving her movement.

But she is not the only White One wearing a sad face. Today is Steve's return to his late night classes; classes that have been on break for over three weeks; classes that keep Steve from home until after 11pm. Taiko has a hard time on these nights normally, but he had quickly adapted to the break and having Steve home; in his mind that chapter was gone forever. His "farewell" to Steve this afternoon was like a send off to a sailor heading to sea, not to be home for a very very long time.

Tai has wandered all evening staring out of the front door and sighing at his loss. He accepted dinner from Michael but then laid his head in my lap clearly asking "how much longer?" I held his face between my hands and tried to be honest and to reassure. "It will still be a while, but you know dad WILL be home, he would never dessert you." My Tender-Hearted One tries to smile but it comes out a lonely grimace below eyes that are hopeful. The others have offered companionship and muzzle touches to ease the worry but Taiko walks off to be by himself.

I would like to gather my Army into my arms and tell them tomorrow will be better, but that is another late night for Steve and based on White Dog's reluctance to do much more than lounge on the couch I think she will need a couple of days to regain her healing momentum. So I hold each individually and whisper that we are here for each other and that together we can get through this.

One thing is without doubt, in a few hours Steve is going to get one incredible welcome home!


Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh poor baby.....she needs a sign hung on her that says DO NOT TOUCH!

I bet there was one huge WELCOME HOME party going on at your house!


Random Felines said...

Poor White Dogs....those boys need to be kept in their place. And we hope the late nights don't go on too long....

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Oh poor sweetheart, I hope the damage will settle with rest for Siku. It must seem a long time when Steve is working so late and you will be glad when all will be back to normal for a few days xx

meowmeowmans said...

Poor White Dog. We are sending healing energy and soft purrs to you.

WE can only imagine the celebration when Steve arrived home!