January 8, 2014

White Dog flopped onto her back on the fainting couch. Yes, she IS a drama diva. "Really, momma? Really? Here I am in indescribable pain and poor Taiko isn't even sure how he is going to make it through another night and Oso is walking in circles and Bella is dancing so hard that she might fall over. And you are telling the White Dog Army that we are OUT of duck jerky!!! Really?"

OK, I am a terrible momma, I publicly admit it. I know this is a tough transition week for every one and that WD hurts. I want it all to be smooth and calm and for every pup to be happy. I truly thought there was one more bag of jerky in the bin. No excuses. I take responsibility. I am so sorry.

Steve came back into the living room and the WDA flocked to him throwing dirty looks over their shoulders. He held a bag of liver treat squares. "How about a little change of pace?" he asked them and ripped open the bag. White Dog sniffed and turned away. Puff took one of the squares and dropped it on the floor. YoYoMa and Taiko took what was offered with gusto but then looked at me as if asking whether or not I was done joking around about the shortage. Bella sniffed the square suspiciously, took it, dropped it, then grabbed it and headed under the chair. Only Oso seemed to like these treats. They were soft and easier to chew, points in their favor to my little old man with bad teeth.

"And we won't even have any tomorrow," White Dog yipped as she resettled with a sigh on the couch. "Dad has an early start so you won't be able to get to the store! This week is the worst ever!" I told her that now she sounded just like Michael who has the worst ever week at least twice a month. She turned her back to me.

"If I rush and put their dinners together now I could leave a little early and stop at Costco for a couple of bags before I go to school," Steve suggested. The WDA's tails began wagging. "You all understand that he isn't coming back home with them until tonight at 11, right?" The wagging stopped.

"Look, spoiled ones, I am a thoughtless momma. I have already admitted it. Dad has volunteered to make a special stop so that you will not be without for long. You can be brats or you can be grateful you have such a caring dad. You have been fed today and had snacks, even if they weren't your first choices. I want each of you to think about that and about the number of pups and kitties in the cold with NOTHING to eat."

As I stomped from the room, I heard Taiko say to Steve, "We got momma mad, huh?" "Just think about what she said; it is true. You are all VERY lucky dogs."

After Steve left, White Dog came into the office followed by the rest of the WDA. She put her paws on my leg. "We WERE sort of ungrateful," she said and the others behind her, nodded. "We just wanted to say we have thought about those not so fortunate and understand your point." I smiled and hugged her, then reached out to pet each of my White Ones. "We are all VERY blessed, never forget that."


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