January 9, 2014

White Dog came in as the rest of the White Dog Army greeted Steve. It was 6pm and the pack was ecstatic. "We made it through the week, momma! It seemed VERY long but we made it!" Friday is our Saturday and Steve is home all day, so for us, the weekend has begun.

"Almost as good as having dad home," YoYoMa added as he walked into the office, "is the fact that I see salmon on the counter waiting for dinner preparations."

"NOTHING is as good as having dad home," Taiko growled and rolled his lip at his brother. "Chill Big Brother," Puff intervened, "Yo merely meant we were going to have a delicious meal to celebrate. You know he thinks with his stomach sometimes." Bella danced on her hind legs and twirled around, "I think BOTH are great, yummy food shared all together."

After dinner, it was family movie night. For some time I have wanted to see the Japanese film, subtitled, from around 2008 called "10 Promises To My Dog." The WDA agreed that this would be a perfect choice and Steve found it on YouTube. We all cuddled together and watched the film of a girl and her dog growing up together. At the end, I whispered into the ear of Oso, who was lying on my lap, "Know what I hate about dog movies, even good ones?" He looked up. "The pup always dies in the end," I answered and a tear escaped. Immediately I was smothered in the love, paws and arms of my White Ones and Steve.

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