February 15, 2014

White Dog and the Army would have liked to sleep in but Saturdays Steve teaches a morning class at EIGHT a.m. so there is no lounging if you want breakfast and little time with Dad before he disappears into the day.

Generally, after he backs down the driveway, the White Ones yawn, check their food bowls to make sure nothing has been missed, look at the clock, and settle into comfy spots for a post breakfast return to sleep. At a more civilized hour, usually ten or so, they gracefully awaken, stretch, recheck their food bowls and head out to the yard.

The equation changes drastically, however, if the WDA is awakened moments after settling in by a noisy neighbor dog and a screaming cat sitting on the wall to our yard. It is a chaotic call to arms and mayhem as the Army springs into action barking their challenge, securing the house and then dashing out to the yard to prevent the invasion.

Their overwhelming chant and pacing along the wall helped the cat decide that he should, maybe, find a friendlier fence to perch upon; and suddenly the neighbor's dog went silent (perhaps in awe of the power of the WDA that lives nearby).

The White Ones did not stand down until many circuits of the perimeter assured that all was once again protected, safe, and free of threat. Then they pushed their way back into the house where doors and windows were checked as well.

Satisfied, the White Ones yawned, checked their food bowls thinking maybe a reward had been left, looked at the clock, and settled into comfy spots to resume the nap they had barely started. And then...

oh, yes! The mailman!


Jo's World said...

Stella used to bark at everyone who came to our door. No more, though, now she is making executive decisions about who gets barked at and who doesn't. Dave the Mailman? Never, hes a good guy and she knows him. UPS guy? You bet, who knows what he is up to? Mom's Friends? Hmmn, that takes some thought, depending on how friendly they are to herself. Outdoors? Whoever goes by deserves a hello!

Cheers and hugs to WDA!

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

24 Paws of Love said...

Oh, lol, we have too many of those days around here. Don't forget the rabbits and squirrels that may be about.

Isn't it nice to be so well protected? :)

Random Felines said...

no rest for the army!!