February 28, 2014

The WDA had a sweet visitor spend the afternoon with us today. We were having too much fun and none of the humans remembered to take photos. This is one of Zoe's mom's favorites of her girl.
White Dog and The White Dog Army greeted Zoe with enthusiasm that was a bit overwhelming for our shy guest. She clung to her mom's side and looked up questioningly. "It is all right," I reassured her. "The Army understands and will wait on the other side of the gate until you tell us you are comfortable."

White Dog, the Army's spokesperson jumped down from the chair, softly touched Zoe's side, then hopped up on the couch. The others gathered at the baby gate in the hallway. They wagged tails and patiently waited for Zoe to come closer.

While we humans chatted about a broad spectrum of topics, Zoe wandered around sniffing and exploring. Steve rewarded the WDA with strips of duck jerky for their wonderful manners. Zoe was not sure of the offer, sniffing and walking away several times before finally accepting and eating her strip.

As we noshed on a mezzo assortment of Middle Eastern foods, the WDA got restless for their chance for sample "bites." It was Puff, who I am convinced was a cat burglar in another life, who scaled the gate and led the flow into the living room. She and Zoe gently greeted each other as did Taiko, but poor Zoe got a bit nervous as Bella dashed under my chair and started barking from her position of hidden safety. Not wanting to stress our friend we asked the White Dogs to one by one say hello and then herded them back behind the gate...along with a bite of pita bread and a taste of kibbe. Snacks delivered and a chance to meet the "new" girl satisfied their curiosity; Yo, Taiko and Puff went to take naps. Our Tiny Dancer was fortressed under my chair and it took Zoe a little time to get used to the "ferocious" sounds that rang out when she got too close. Eventually, though, our smart visitor figured out that the chair demon would not come out from under and just ignored the noise. White Dog was embarrassed by her sister's poor manners and several times tried to correct Bella and apologized profusely to Zoe. I am certain Miss Bee will have some explaining to do to the Queen later.

Zoe is a cuddle dog. She freely gave kisses and asked for hugs and rubs. We were so proud of the White Dogs who did not fuss over this "intruder" stealing Steve's attention in front of their very eyes. Her sweet disposition is totally captivating and all of us were more than happy when she finally felt at ease enough to curl up in the kitchen doorway near Oso to nap.

We had a wonderful afternoon together. Her mom tells us when Zoe returned home she spent lots of time telling her sister Zena what fun she had missed. The WDA is already making plans for her return with hopes of some play in the yard.


Jeanne Pursell said...

And a good time was had by all! So happy that you had a nice visit. Love the pictures!!

Brian said...

That was sure a fun get together!!!

Winston said...

Wonderful pictures of a fun filled day!!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

What a cutey. Glad you got pictures. Everyone had fun and are looking forward for a return match x

Little Reufus said...

O how fun! Nice job, WDA. It's really hard to habbs good manners when yeu are excited teu habbs visitors.

Zoe looks really really sweet. I know yeu can't wait teu see her again!

wif lubbs from Little Reufus

meowmeowmans said...

What a nice visit you all had. Zoe sounds like a real sweetie, and we bet next time you all WILL get some fun play time in the yard! :)

nancyturtle said...

It was a busy weekend so I'm just seeing this post. Zoe told Zena all about how nice everyone was (except the little shark in the "cave"). She can't wait to come back to visit the Army again!

nancyturtle said...

It was a busy weekend so I'm just seeing this post. Zoe told Zena all about how nice everyone was (except the little shark in the "cave"). She can't wait to come back to visit the Army again!