March 1, 2014

White Dog sighed and resettled herself on the arm of my chair. There were echoing sighs from all around the living room. It was one of THOSE days...a grey, rainy, no-energy day when everything feels cold and damp and you just want to curl into a tight ball under a blanket and nap.

That, in fact, was exactly what the White Dog Army spent the day doing. going out only when they had to and agreeing to be disinterested in everything. The WDA lost their cool for a brief moment when they heard for the 50th time that day, "I am so excited about the rain, we need it so badly!" "I know we live in the middle of a drought in the desert." White Dog muttered, "I get it. But ALL day like this? And if everyone is supposed to be so dog gone happy, why does it have to be so gloomy?"

So it went all day until a few minutes before Steve pulled into the drive after work. The sky broke open to reveal radiant blue and sent a golden spotlight to remind the White Dog Army that grey, wet, cold days are not in meant to torment them...but rather, to usher in the changes that mark a new season's birth...

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FiveSibesMom said...

Steve brought the ray of sunshine home with him just for you and the WDA!