March 10, 2014

White Dog is a diva. There is no doubt about that. It is obvious from the moment you first meet the Queen and in the second moment you realize that she is quite proud of her status.

I went along with her request to place her dinner bowl on the end table so that she could eat on the chair, above the rest of the White Dog Army who eat faster than my dainty girl who prefers not to wolf all of her meal in two gulps. She stands on the pillow and gracefully eats from the table, stopping to digest and enjoy her meal.

Some nights she waits for Steve to come and sit on the other chair, next to her, and gently coax her to try the meal. In his company she eats and then jumps down. WD has always been a picky eater and goes through cycles when she stubbornly refuses her meal hoping for treats or to share our dinner.

I am her stubborn equal and will put her bowl away untouched if she becomes too imperial. Not so Steve. He falls into her trap of begging her to "just try a bite," and making promises.

Our diva is quick-witted and fast to seize an opportunity. The other day Steve was feeling guilty about his past few weeks of "neglecting" the White Dog Army. The corporate finance course he is just completing was tough and required lots of homework time. The pups were not truly neglected but WD saw the chance to turn guilt into a little extra attention.

For the past two days, Her Highness has refused to eat in her usual spot. Instead, she has decided that she wants to sit WITH Steve in the club chair as he hand feeds her bites from her bowl...and this is not enough. The rest of the WDA must be gathered around she and Steve to attend her as she dines!

The Little Miss and I had a talk this evening about putting an end to the exhibitionism. I suggested that tomorrow night I will have her meal removed when we are all done eating...whether or not she has touched her meal. She brashly laughed and told me that "Dad won't let me starve."

I scooped her up and looked deeply into her eyes. "You are a LONG way from starving, Little White Dog of My Heart and do NOT make it a challenge. Mommas trump dads when it comes to issues like this and I would hate for you to look foolish."

Looking foolish is not something White Dog takes well. I could see her thinking it through. She tossed her head in a valiant attempt to look tough as she trotted off. I suspect her ego will make tomorrow's dinner somehow MUCH more desirable.


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Oh dear looks like we will have a little stand off here I wonder who will win lol

meowmeowmans said...

Tomorrow's dinner is *definitely* going to be interesting! :)

Sagira said...

We had to do that with Tempest once...but decided to stand off and we won now she gobbles it all down