March 11, 2014

White Dog chided me, "You NEVER have a camera when the perfect photo opportunity presents itself, momma!" "Sweet One, you know my magic is not of the image but of the word. Even if I had a camera and the forewarning to have it pointed in the right direction and ready to fire, I do not have the eye dad or so many of our Blog family have."

WD was referring to the lack of visual documentation surrounding Steve's return home tonight. This is the week-long break between classes at school so while he needs to still go into the office, there are no classes in session. This means tonight he left at 3pm and returned at 6:30...instead of his "usual" Too Late Tuesday of arriving home after eleven.

Taiko apparently had not paid attention to the day's talk of the schedule changes for when Steve walked in so early, our Tender-Hearted Boy leaped up in disbelief, zoomed to the doorway and launched himself into Steve's arms. It was a good thing Steve's arms were free and he was able to catch his flying devotee without any harm being done.

Oh Yes! Another White Dog greeted Steve with such delight and joy, squirming in his arms and licking his face, that Steve just sat down where they stood to cradle and hug his boy.

The floodgate was opened and Steve found himself washed over by the White Dog Army. YoYoMa rushed over with legless tan lambie to "share." Puff squeezed under Steve's armpit so that she could nuzzle his face. Bella "tagged" him on the leg with her nose then scampered out of reach.

White Dog could not resist the need to join the greeting. "Imagine," she said as she hopped down and pushed her way into the thick of things, "ALL of the great memories you could be capturing."

No one was even listening as I quietly replied, "White Dog, memories live in the heart not the eyes or the ears...and believe me, they HAVE been captured."


Steve Finnell said...
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Angel Ginger Jasper said...

A perfect memory and it will indeed have been etched in your memory for ever. No camera needed x

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Your right,, memorys live in the hearts forever!

meowmeowmans said...

Your words have certainly painted a vivid picture for us. Surely this is a memory that will forever be etched in your hearts. :)