March 24, 2014

White Dog hustled the White Dog Army outside. "Come on! It is a beautiful day. Let's move out there and get a little dirt on our furs!" Steve was doing a bit of yard cleanup, Spring cleaning if you will and WD was prepared to supervise and direct the work team into maximum efficiency.

A couple of weeks back Steve had answered the door to a down on his luck fellow looking to earn a few dollars doing yard work. Steve hired him to rake up the winter leaves from the front yard and bag them. They have been sitting on the side of the house, cooking in the black bags, and waiting for Steve to grind them up and mix them in with our pathetic desert "topsoil" for enrichment.

Before he could do that, he wanted to pull the leaves and accumulated "stuff" that the winds pile up away from the block wall that surrounds our yard. That is what he was doing when the Army charged out and began to bulldoze his raked out lines. When YoYoMa discovered a long missing heart stuffie amid the decaying leaves and twigs and paper scraps he "rescued" it and ran back into the house. This led all of the WDA to believe that Steve had cleverly been out in the yard devising a treasure hunt for them. The piles were walked through and pawed as they sniffed for hidden prizes.  I could hear Steve explaining, loudly, that all of his work had NOT been for their enjoyment.

He shifted strategies and began lifting the raked materials into the wheel barrow but every scoop had to be reviewed by Taiko and Puff putting paws up on the edge to peer inside. The cart wobbled and shifted with their inspections. Steve was beginning to look a bit frazzled. I brought out water for Steve and checked the dog bowl. "It is a start, dear one," I told him as I tossed him a tennis ball. "Now have some fun."


meowmeowmans said...

That sounds fun for the WDA! But poor Steve! :)

Brian said...

Fun is in the paw of the beholder!

Random Felines said...

sometimes jobs get more snoopervision than is required :)

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

A lot of fun for the Army and a lot of work for Steve but I bet he smiled at the antics even so.