March 25, 2014

White Dog hopped down from the chair as I picked up Oso. She looked at his wet feet and curled her lip in disapproval. Our poor Little Man always seems to have at least one wet paw these days as he habitually steps in his water dish. I believe it is not clumsiness but rather a clever way for our often addled nearsighted boy to find the water when he is thirsty. Nonetheless, WD was not interested in getting her soft white floof soiled with OAWD's foot bath water.

But then Puff laid down with her front paws covering my foot. It is a ritual of touching that she prefers to being picked up and held. HER feet were wet, too.

YoYoMa clanked through the dog door. His legs were all muddy and his belly caked with damp earth. "What is going on?" I asked Bella who came in with him and scurried past to hide under my chair...but not before I saw the mud on her paws and nose.

I carried Oso with me and went to the deck. There was a growing pool in the back corner of the yard. The water feature that some of the White Dog Army hopes for every time Steve brings out the hose.

Steve already left for work so Michael was sent out to scout the situation. He returned to tell me the hose was stretched out there and was on full force and the back of the yard was flooding and full of dog prints. I sent him back out to turn off the hose and to curl it up back to the house.

After talking to Steve later I was able to determine that he had dragged the hose out yesterday during his attempt at yard cleaning. When he finished raking he had hoped to hose down the block wall but never had the chance due to WDA interruptus. In the playtime that followed, the hose was forgotten.

SOME curious pup today must have managed to flip the nozzle switch to "on" and started the water flowing. Of course, no one came in to tell me about the water and the WDA decided that it was kismet that they had a day of water play. The plants in the yard no doubt also appreciated the extra moisture...but I was not so fond of the need to do extra vacuuming to suck up the bits of dirt left as the White Dogs dried.


KB Bear said...

We have a well so I am having visions of a well run dry - so, in your shoes, I'd be thankful to WDA for alerting me!!!!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Oooops! :)

Hey...just think of all the joy they had playing in the mud!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Mud and more mud- right? Someone had a good time- we think so anyway.