March 28, 2014

White Dog loves the Springtime. All of the White Dog Army enjoys the perfect weather, extra Park time, and the fact that once again the sun porch becomes a haven for napping in afternoon sunpuddles. But White Dog has a special Spring ritual. She loves lying on the bed and watching the birds make their nests in our backyard trees.

We all love the gentle trills and chirps that wake us as the birdies waste no time each morning getting to business but WD truly appreciates the entire process. She watches intently and when she is outside regularly checks the trees that contain soon-to-be families making sure all is safe.

Today I noticed WD and my constant companion, Bella, were both missing from their usual places next to me. Curious, I went looking and discovered WD on the bed, watching the nest building; my Tiny Dancer was lying next to her. I was surprised because WD does not share bed space easily, but it truly looked like the head of the WDA was giving our newest recruit a life appreciation lesson.

Usually my first sign that the season has sufficiently progressed to signal the beginning of nest building time is that White Dog begins bringing twigs and sticks up to the deck and leaving them in a pile. A few she will bring in for treat trades but mostly it seems she is providing a stockpile of home building materials for her feathered friends. All that is missing is the sign: "Free lumber for home construction."

Have a wonderful weekend.


Jo's World said...

How sweet! A lovely tale about a dear little dog and her sharing her life interest with another pack member.

Cheers and hugs,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Brian said...

Bird watching can sure bring friends together!