March 7, 2014

White Dog and Puff insisted on going with Steve to replace the tire that gave its life to provide a Universal reminder of the goodness that still quietly rules the world. They went first thing when the shop opened to hopefully get the job done before too much of our day was lost.

YoYoMa snuffled the side of my head and whispered, "Looks like that haircut gets put off yet ANOTHER day, momma!" Steve cuts my hair and for over a week we have made plans each night when we go to bed to spiff me up first thing the next morning. Believe me, I need it as I am starting to look like Jack Nicholson was he really begins to unwind in "The Shining." Except each morning something has occurred that alters our day and the haircut gets bumped off our schedule.

Sweet Yo doesn't mind. I suspect he would love me even if I never bathed and grew my fingernails as long as chopsticks. To him grooming and trimming and fussing with furs are among the most bothersome aspects of civilization. He starts crying if I even take the brush out of the case on my side table. He relies on his natural good looks and charm to get by.

A few days ago I promised Mr. Ma that he would not have to endure the much needed shedding comb until I got my haircut. I made that promise on a night when it looked like the next day was totally open to shearing the momma. I was confident that me and my boy would both be fresh and neat by the morrow's bedtime treats. So I kissed him on the nose and promised.

Overnight the gremlins got to work and by wake up, Steve was on the phone with school trying to find out why when he tried to submit his homework it was rejected with a message: "Not registered for this class or section"...this a week before the end of the quarter. And at the same time, Taiko put his head on the bed to say "Good Morning," but it came out as a blob of something slimy and upset tummy looking. No haircut...and the promise held.

YoYoMa knows he is safe tomorrow for Steve teaches an early class on Saturdays and Sunday we have a Board meeting...he thinks this will get him through the weekend but my plan is to get up extra early (despite daylight savings time) and to be presentable when I sit with my Directors.

Why do I feel as though I should be making anti-hex signs and keeping fingers crossed as I write this? Have a great weekend.


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Oh dear sounds as though the gremlins are working against you. I hope the early start works but if not then I am sure you will look just fine xx

meowmeowmans said...

We bet you'll look fine no matter what, Mom Sue. But we do hope those gremlins take a hike real soon. :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I knew it was those dang gremlins that started this problem!