March 8, 2014

White Dog watched the screen for awhile before turning to look at me. "I am a little worried," she said. "You are way too old to even try to move like that and I surely hope that this is not something you have a crazy idea to try and teach to the White Dog Army."

I laughed. "That move does sort of look like the position Yo sometimes takes when he is sleeping," I replied referring to the break dancer spinning on his back with his legs in the air. She DID laugh at that before switching back to her serious tone. "No, really. I love you, momma, but that would be taking agility training too far. Can you really imagine Puff or Oso even trying to moon walk?"

We were watching videos of break dancing in preparation to fully appreciate the artistry of the dance troupe who has kindly donated their time to perform at next week's Paws To People Party in the Park to celebrate my birthday. The event bringing families and pets together for a fun afternoon of games, entertainment, and of course cake, has a subtle goal to raise awareness of epilepsy (both human and canine).
White Dog WAS right. I cannot imagine at any point of my life being limber enough to move like that...and not require hospitalization after. The WDA and I are more the waltz and gentle interpretive dance kind of dancers but we could certainly appreciate the athletic grace and fluidity of these young people who throw their entire being into their movements.

One of the rewarding things about our mission to fight catastrophic diseases is that we get to meet so many talented people from walks of life we would not normally share. It is like my Girl says, "We will walk side-by-side with supporters and fellow Warriors of every kind if it means advancing the fight to beat these diseases. Besides, momma, you are never too old for new experiences."

I sure hope she does not think I am going to be flipping over and spinning on the floor!


Brian said...

how great to have so many warriors!

24 Paws of Love said...

Ditto to Brian.

To be so limber and strong. Not to mention brave. :)