April 18, 2014

White Dog agreed that every now and then our day has no continuity but is rather a string of unrelated "this and that" happenings. Today was one of those days.
I awoke to the usual easy warm reality of Siku stretched against my leg on the bed squirming so that I would know it was time for a "Good Morning" belly rub...but there was a new sensation...a tiny tongue gently dancing up and down my arm which hung over the edge of the bed. It was Bella, curled up like a doe next to me in a brave new step forward of claiming space and asking, actually asking, for morning greetings.

YoYoMa had planned on sleeping in until breakfast. He was shocked to learn that he not only had to rise but that he was going to forego breakfast for a trip to the groomer and brunch later. He clung to me and pleaded with his eyes, softly whimpering as Steve put on his harness and leash...the added insult being that he was expected to walk the four blocks there as well! When he returned just after noon, he did not even stop for compliments but rushed right into the kitchen, starving. He looked bright and floofy; Scot had done a fantastic job of erasing the evidence that our Big Boy is blowing coat like crazy and is addicted to lying in the cool Spring dirt against the tree.

White Dog steps carefully around the yard to avoid the green caterpillar seedies of the mulberry trees. We have three ancient ones that provide amazing shade in the summer but right now they are producing seed strings that carpet the yard, drift on the deck, and love the long furs of the White Dog Army. WD seems to be the only one of the WDA who hates them. The others roll in them, bring them into the house, and eat them (causing upset tummies). Additionally, these trees produce loads of highly allergenic pollen that have the WDA, Steve and Michael all sniffing and sneezing.  I am tired of shaking the green bits that fall apart if you touch them from the dog beds and vacuuming them from the furniture and smashing them into the carpet. When the trees are done, Steve will suction them all up with the leaf vac but right now the task is a losing battle.

Oso had a followup exam with Dr. Julia. He has been vocal particularly after eating and we were concerned that he was in pain. She listened and examined and then the tech took him back for a snout to tail set of X-rays. As we viewed the images, I held my Little Man. "It is hell to get old, isn't it sweet boy?" I whispered in his ear. Oso came to us with two vertebrae fused, one of those mysteries of a rescue child whether the condition was the result of trauma or something else. Now, according to the X-rays, the fused bone was starting to disintegrate causing back pain. We cobbled together a pain management plan involving water therapy, pain medication, and using a back brace for support. It also seems that poor Oso is experiencing the beginning stages of Canine Acid Reflux disease and just like the human version is likely experiencing pain when he eats. He is already on a low-fat diet but Dr. Julia suggested smaller more frequent meals including less protein altogether, more vegetables, and blending the mix into a mash for easier swallowing. I was relieved that we were not dealing with issues that were catastrophic or life threatening. I believe once we rebalance our boy he will be closer to his normal self.  The hardest part will be convincing the rest of the White Dog Army that THEY do not need to eat every time their brother does.

Thank dog this was not a typical Friday at White Dog Ranch; we are all grateful that the only sacrifice demanded was our usual trip to the Park. As we head into this special weekend, we share bites of windmill cookies, a childhood memory which I recently discovered with delight are still available (and look and taste exactly the same as I remember)...and turn snooters toward the deep starry sky to thank the Universe.


Anonymous said...

Well, all in all there was lots of love and special family time. That wake up alarms are very sweet!

Brian said...

Dang, that was me up there as anonymous.

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy White Dog Army. Happy Easter mates. Wishing you a relaxing weekend, spent with loved ones. Paws crossed that Oso feels a little better soon. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Jo's World said...

Our wishes for the White Dog Army is that of a happy Sunday with as many goodies as can be managed by each pup.

Cheers and hugs,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Loved the sweet wake ups but the trees sound as though they could be a nuisance for you. Glad that the pain can be helped. Happy Easter to you all. x

Sagira said...

Love the photos. We thought of you guys at our agility trial today. There is a couple there that has nothing but White dogs as well and they are just beautiful and always so happy. Happy Easter friends. :)