March 31, 2014

White Dog looked at me with a smile. "Looks like you have finally gotten dad trained right," she said. She and I were on the computer social networking together and she noticed that Steve had cross posted the story of a white boxer boy here in town whose family had abandoned him and who was looking for a forever home but who desperately needed a foster family RIGHT now! "That kind of sharing is normally your domain, momma. You have all of the rescue connections."

She was right. Steve is very supportive of the cause...we DO share our lives with an ARMY of rescues after all...but in general he leaves the networking and posting stuff to me. I was actually kind of proud of him and told WD that she ought to be as well. "Dad's network is mostly different from mine and maybe someone he knows will be just the ticket for that poor boxer guy." Just to be sure he got coverage, White Dog and I shared Steve's information with our followers.

When Steve came home from work, White Dog made a point to mention his good deed. Neither she nor I were quite prepared for his response.

"You know I was tempted," he told us. "That pup was awfully sweet and his situation was desperate." The entire White Dog Army turned to me at that to make sure I was not in some way controlling the words coming from his mouth. "He IS white. But then I thought about how guilty I feel with so little time for each of you and my schedule with going to school and working..." We all jumped in quickly, "What is one more, dad? Even though he is not even an Eskie..." Steve held up a hand to silence us. "Besides one of the students with fell head over tail in love and was going to step in to help...and possibly adopt him."

The WDA and I let out a sigh of relief that the pup would be out of danger. As we sat together in our chair, White Dog whispered to me..."Now I am going to have to keep a close eye on BOTH you and dad! I always thought I could count on HIM as the voice of reason."

Steve leaned over us and stroked her ears. "I was only tempted for a minute or two, Sweet One. You six are quite a full house. Must have been a bit of momma's continual wistfulness of wanting to adopt every homeless creature that rubbed off."

I looked at him. "I pray for the day when every homeless and unloved creature has a home and safety, and someone who cares. Thank you for being his voice and advocate. May he be one of the blessed ones."


Jo's World said...

Siku, we wish for the same thing you do, that each dog and cat find a loving home.

We were so lucky, weren't we, Siku? Your five siblings, our Mom, me, Stella and Zkhat. We were blessed like we hope all others are.

Cheers and hugs,


Brian said...

That is the best wish we all can wish!

Random Felines said...

we are so glad that you are all reaching out to help others in need - you never know when that right person is going to read something or see a picture and be able to help. we are glad the boxer boy is safe :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

your hears are so loving