March 30, 2014

White Dog worked hard on Saturday at the Epilepsy Awareness Walk but you would think from the exhausted "we need an Easy Sunday" reactions that the ENTIRE White Dog Army had spent the previous day meeting the public, digging ditches, and leaping tall buildings.

So for most of the day, that is how it was...napping...snacking...lying in the open doorways...catching the sun as it streamed into the house. There was interest from Puff to ride along with Steve as he ran a few necessary errands...and then since she was going White Dog insisted on tagging along. But other than that...uber EASY was the motto of the day.

Steve specially invited Taiko to go with. His boy raised his head from his nap, thumped his tail a few times, and then very clearly said, "Carry me, Dad!" "I am not going to carry you! If you want to come get up and let's go!" Taiko sighed and passed on the opportunity.

This is what our day looked like:


Random Felines said...

looks like a GREAT day to us :)

Wyatt said...

Yeah for Sundays!! Nap, Eat, Play and repeat! Wait...that's everyday!


24 Paws of Love said...

What a great way to take the day to wind down after such a pawsitive event! You guys are the greatest!!