May 18, 2014

White Dog suggested a touch of Easy Sunday. Life has been pretty hectic and there does not appear to be any signs that things are going to slow down for a while. Steve had hit a frustration point with homework. "Time to harness up the White Dog Army," WD announced. "Let's go spend some time at the Park! A mental health break is what we all need."

It has been a long time since the house emptied of White Dogs and everyone went on maneuvers. Harnesses were donned and leashes clipped. Pumpkin was loaded.

The mid day weather was perfect and the huge trees provided plenty of shade. It WAS the perfect thing, WD was right. Hope you took time to do just the perfect thing and enjoy being together, relaxing, and enjoying a lovely Spring day!
"I TOLD you this would make everything better! WD said.
The Army thinks about where momma will hold Sachi when he arrives. WD and Taiko are on my right; Puff against my left knee; YoYoMa reclining in front of me; and Bella sits in my arms.
Bella did VERY well eventually leaving my arms to shyly explore a bit and come to rest under my wheelchair.

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Brian said...

That was a fun time and now you can rest up for the new meet n' greet!