May 17, 2014

White Dog looked up from where she was lying next to Bella and said, "Soon we will need the cooling wafts of air conditioned air. It is kind of hot today." I stroked her ears and agreed. Like most of the country our weather cannot seem to decide which season it wants to honor. Earlier in the week it was in the forties and Puff resorted to her old reliable sweater. Today it is in the eighties and the White Dog Army maneuvers to get prime spots under the turning ceiling fans.

In the early morning Michael still feels the need to don a lightweight jacket and long pants before heading out for his morning exercise walk. But then he returns hot and uncomfortable and complaining. Today he walked to the grocery and back midday and came back sweaty and full of complaints about the New Mexico sun. "Thank goodness he always carries his water bottle," White Dog said.

We received a lovely Rosemary plant as a memorial to Oso, which we hope to plant beside Nuka's lavender. The sun has been blistering the past few days so we must gently "harden" the nursery stock so that it will survive the desert demands and thrive. So slowly we allow the plant to spend more time in the direct sun before bringing back into the shade for a long drink and respite. Perhaps by the end of the weekend it will not droop at the end of its session and we can confidently place it permanently in the Earth.

Taiko is in his glory. The former tied outdoor dog has discovered that it is a VERY different way of life to be able to lie out on the shady deck listening to the birds as long as he chooses and then to freely come inside for attention or to continue his nap on the cool kitchen floor. In his new life being outside is not traumatic at all. Knowing this, I worry less when he lies down just outside the dog door at night to star gaze and enjoy the night's coolness.

The White Dog Army is blowing coat in earnest; their bodies seem to know that it is time to lighten their protection. Suddenly, EVERY pup is a fan of being brushed and groomed. Of course, their double coats act as protection against sunburn and as insulation to keep body temps cool so we never shave them, but to see the WDA twist and contort to turn just the right spot to the brush's magic is a funny sight.

Summer is coming, no doubt about it. The only question is whether we will face more indecision by Mother Nature in the form of snow and winter temperatures and wind storms before we get there.


Random Felines said...

we don't have any rampant shedding, but we do wish Mother Nature could get it together just a little bit rather than the weird up and down stuff

Brian said...

Mother Nature is confused over here too. It was like March today and will be like August later this week.

meowmeowmans said...

Mother Nature keeps changing her mind here in the Northeast. We're all a little confused. :)

We missed the last few days -- just went back and caught up -- wow! We are so excited about Sacchi joining the WDA.