May 24, 2014

White Dog and the White Dog Army helped us load the last of the materials into Pumpkin then all seriously kissed me. Steve and the other volunteers were meeting us at Carnival of Hope to set up the Event. It was very early. Then Steve would stop back home, change into professorial clothes and head out to teach his classes. I would hold down the fort by myself...without Steve or the WDA who we decided would be too much to supervise with all of the other duties and distractions I had. Sunday, Sachi had been elected to be the Kissing Booth pup and White Dog would be along to supervise...Steve would also be there to help as well.

Wyatt our tripaw rescue friend and his moms came all the way from Los Alamos to be on duty as the King of Kissing for the Kissing Booth. He was all decked out in a lovely tie and has his own shag love snuggle area complete with heart pillows.

There were tabletop games including the windup racer game and freshly popped corn, cotton candy, and fruit pops. We were putting out our finest effort to raise awareness and funds for comparative studies research that will save the lives of people and pets who share nearly 400 catastrophic diseases.

The weather was more suited to November than the end of May in Albuquerque and mid day we were soaked in a long-lasting rainstorm (needed moisture but unfortunate timing). Thankfully we were under a covered portico and a tent, but it was a tad unpleasant...and I was glad the WDA was not along for the Saturday portion of the two-day event (but the time I got home I was chilled to the bone).

Here are some highlights of the Carnival of Hope...
Cocoa Puff, the Mini Cow met visitors in the parking lot.

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Little Reufus said...

What a wonderful event for such a special cause. We would have loved joining the fun! I'm sure the kissing booth was a HUGE hit!!!

wif lubbs from Little Reufus