May 25, 2014

White Dog fluffed her brother's furs and whispered in his ear. "Do us proud. This is your inauguration into your ambassador duties as part of the White Dog Army. We are counting on you to leaving a lasting positive impression." The rest of the WDA followed Sachi to the door and woofed encouragement.

Our newest recruit had been nominated to be the day's pup on duty at the Carnival of Hope Kissing Booth. The Army figured he was cute and fluffy plus he LIKES giving kisses indiscriminately, something none of the others do with enthusiasm.

"He thinks he is a real stud muffin," Puff said truly over this pup's attempts to seduce our 16 year old matriarch. "Let him go and practice that charm on a public that is more easily impressed that we are." And so Of Course, A White Dog sashayed out and hopped into the car; heading for a day of puckering up for charity.

"This is harder work than I thought," he complained to Steve midway through the day. He lay down on the kisser throne and refused to give kisses. Fortunately our brindle boxer mix friend, Micky, was there to step in. Micky gives big slobbery kisses full of love and backed with the motions of his whole body wagging.

After watching Micky in action for a while, Sachi got jealous of the attention being redirected and finished his shift in fine form. The Kissing Booth was one of the most popular attractions at our Event; but as OFAWD told his siblings upon his return, "I don't think I could lick a thing, not even the juiciest lamb shank right now, I am so tired!"


Little Reufus said...

I can just imagine the masses in line to kiss yeu, Sachi! What a long day's work! No wonder yeu are so wipeed out! We sure wish we could have been there to support yeu!

wif lubbs from Little Reufus

FiveSibesMom said...

Oh, a kissing booth - I love the idea! I'm sure they were lined up for some great WDA smooches!

24 Paws of Love said...

You are quite a looker there Sachi! I bet you had the girls lined up for miles! Sure is hard work being a lover dog for the day, isn't it?

Here's a few sweet kisses back to you for all your efforts!


Random Felines said...

oh Sachi - so proud of you for stepping up to the plate to help out!!