May 26, 2014

White Dog hopped back up on the bed and lay on her back looking at me upside down. "Just tell me we have NO plans for the day," she begged. "We deserve a break!"

Her thoughts were echoed by the rest of the White Dog Army (except for Sachi who was quietly snoring on Steve's pillow)...Steve roundly joined the plea when he came back into the room.

"No plans, my loves! Just a big special breakfast and a moment to remember all of those who have served and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country." "Military Dogs as well!" Taiko reminded. "THOSE heroes were so long forgotten and treated like equipment instead of coming home to respect and thanks," Puff added. We bowed our heads and asked the Universe to bless their memories.

Steve prepared a wonderful breakfast of bacon and cheese omelettes which the WDA devoured with gusto. Then he surprised everyone with cool delicious chunks of the strawberry and mango paletas left over from the Carnival!

Tummies full and an open day with no plans until dinner's first outdoor grilling of the season, the WDA (and Steve) settled comfortably for a post-breakfast nap. Bella asked to be brushed and we laughed as the others dozed off one-by-one...then I looked down and saw my Tiny Dancer's eyes were getting heavy as well. "Sweet dreams, Little One," I told her as gravity won out.

"This is going to be a GREAT day!" YoYoMa sighed as he stretched out on the sun porch.

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