June 12, 2014

White Dog said," the closer we get to the end of the week the more I dread what is ahead." "Stop fretting away the specialness of now, Little One. We will deal with next week when it is pounding on the door."

We have been lucky this week to have Steve home and free of studenting duties. It is his one week break in the MBA program and his teaching responsibilities are between quarters so he has indulged in some much needed "vacation time" from the office. He is teaching a morning class in Building Information Modeling, a labor of love, at UNM, but he is home by noon and belongs to the White Dog Army for the entire rest of the day.

Our pack has done nothing more exciting than cooking real meals and accomplishing small tasks but the WDA has loved that Steve is home for an afternoon post-treat nap and that he is free to sit on the floor and brush or cuddle or play fetch on demand. We have all gloried in his lack of stress. We have enjoyed the middle of the week pleasure of a movie night because he does not have to rise at 5am to do homework.

There have been some extra car rides and a few trips to the Park but it has been hot and the White Ones love the soothing cool airs of hanging out indoors. We are planning to sit on the deck Friday night with bowls of sweet cold ice cream to watch the full moon rise on Friday the 13th. The White Dog boys then want to watch a scary movie but the girls know that if we do, they will all be awake all night jumping at every sound. We may make a compromise and choose one of those "scary" B Movies from the 50's like "Night of the Lepus" (about giant radioactive bunnies) or "Them!" about giant ants...no wait we have an ant problem, might not be a good choice. With popcorn we might be able to handle bunnies.

Next week begins two intense weeks in which Steve is still teaching at the University, resumes his classwork, AND shifts to a teaching schedule that includes THREE late nights. No one in the WDA...or me for that matter...is looking forward to that.

But we still have today and Friday and Saturday and Sunday...and it would be a shame to spoil the joy of those potentially remarkable days by worrying about what is still just a speck on the horizon.


24 Paws of Love said...

What a wonderful blessing! Enjoy every minute of Steve being home and just love and have fun! Easy said than done, but it can be done!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Happy weekend,,, and don't worry about tomorrow- enjoy today.