June 13, 2014

White Dog huddled behind Steve in the leather chair. Taiko had his face buried in Steve's lap. YoYoMa was shaking, entwined in my legs with my arms holding him in a crushing bear hug. Bella was buried deep under our chair but touched the back of my ankle with her paw. Sachi paced and breathed heavily then would come to rest against Steve's side before continuing his anxious watch.

Only Puff seemed immune. "Looks like we don't have to choose a scary movie for this Friday the 13th," she said. "Mother Nature is providing chills enough for the White Dog Army." Puff sat in the middle of the room and surveyed her unhappy siblings.

Late afternoon the sky became shadowy dark and the winds picked up to quickly become screaming bursts that bent trees and howled after things it chased down the street. You could feel the pressure change and the air became charged with anticipation.

Now I love the power of an intense storm, but unfortunately, that is not shared by any of the WDA nor Steve. My idea to stand on the driveway with arms spread wide and head thrown back to greet the wind and soak in the energy made Yo try to climb into my lap in an attempt to stop my insanity.

We could hear the rumbling storm move down the mountain and across town...closer. We clutched each other and reassured that it was only wind...and then just thunder...and then there were cracks that made everypup jump, including Puff. (I cannot fathom how she, and Taiko, lived outside during all weather and manner of storms. Puff without even a dog shelter.)

Then the rain began, big wet boulders hitting the window with force enough to sound like a knock. The intensity increased from those SPLATS to the drumming downpour so heavy that it robbed our vision of the outdoors.

The thunder continued and the wind slammed the water and blowing dust onto every surface leaving a layer of slime as a memento. I held onto Yo for dear life.

And after about 20 minutes the fury abated and we listened to the storm march further through the city. There was a second wave an hour later but then Nature tired of toying with us.

The WDA did not trust the trickster Nature and stuck close as a pack.

By bedtime walks, the sky was crystal clear; we could see stars and the full-moon that made this Friday the 13th special. As Steve closed up the house for the night, the WDA took a cue from the sirens rushing down Route 66 and hurried onto the deck. There they all indulged in a brief howlfest to celebrate their ancestral connection to these nights...and to give thanks the storm had gone in time for us to see the sight.


24 Paws of Love said...

I had to chuckle when you said wanted to greet the storms with open arms. I do the same thing. :)

Glad everyone made it through and the night cleared for the moon and stars.

And to all a good night!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

I too love to listen to a storm and see the flashes and hear the bangs. I was lucky that Jasper never bothered at all and would sit and watch through the window. Ben and Millie Tristan's dogs hate it though and will shake and quiver until its past by. It is lovely to see the clear sky after it has passed.