June 27, 2014

White Dog and the White Dog Army want to share a VERY exciting bit of news...the paperwork for Paws To People, our foundation to fight catastrophic diseases that affect both pets and people, has finally been approved by the IRS and we are officially a non-profit organization with 501c3 status!

After over a year of waiting and just being told a week ago that approval was probably still six months from completion, this news causes ALL of us to break into howls of joy every time we see the envelope. What it means is that we can finally begin to solicit grants, sponsorships and donations to fund research in comparative studies. Of course, community outreach and awareness is still a vital part of our mission but now we can move the science forward as well. It is our goal to raise a modest $10-$25K this first year.

We are sharing this news because many of you have been with us since our first cancer walk, when this community helped us to raise $650 and we proudly carried our Blog Family with us as we Walked in 2010.

You shared your stories and your Warriors with us in Tribute to the amazing bravery and courage shown by those who fight the monster within. Those stories and Warriors join us at every cancer Event we hold.
You have believed in the WDA's commitment and encouraged us and know better than any the real hope behind comparative studies to save lives that are taken from evil diseases too soon. You know the pain and grief caused. We are honored and inspired by your support.

Ann from Zoolatry is in the process of exercising her magic on the White Dog Diaries to create a new header, showing our current WDA as well as our Angel Brigade. It has taken me time to come to terms with the losses we have faced these past 10 months in losing three of our founding members to some of the very diseases we fight to end. But it is time. And Taiko, Bella, and Sachi deserve their rightful place. When she unveils the new look, we will also carry a "Donate" button for Paws To People.

When the button goes up later in July until White Dog's birthday on December 22, we ask for your help. We know times are tight and everyone gets LOTS of requests for help. We do not ask lightly and appreciate that every single dollar helps. The White Dog Army has committed to a matching challenge: whatever donations are made through the link on this blog or on our website that designates itself as a "blog" or "WDA" donation the White Ones and I will personally match from our allowances and will add to the Paws To People research funding total. None of the money will go for organizational or other costs, every penny will be earmarked to fund new research being done to find ways to better understand and end diseases shared by pets and humans. Our hope is that you will find it in your hearts to build the tally to $500 which we will match to make a donation of $1000.00. And if our community is more generous, we are prepared to match up to $1000.00 ourselves. We promise not to bombard you with pleas and trust that our blog family, a family that knows too well that too many are taken too soon, will once again walk by our side to make a difference.

Thank you.


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JudyMae said...

Congratulations on obtaining 501c3 status. Great news. I don't have much but will be watching for that donate button to make a donation in memory of my brother who, taken by the c monster at age 54, died way too young and my beautiful kitty Little Bit who was taken by the same thing at age 9. I think comparative studies and how you are helping is wonderful.

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

JudyMae, Please send us photos of your brother and Little Bit with a brief note or sentiment. Whether you can afford a donation or not, your Warriors deserve to be represented on our Tribute Wall. We would be honored to add them.

We are a grassroots organization and believe with all of our hearts that if everyone gives just a little (what small amount they can comfortably afford) that we will be able to make the advances needed to end the misery and save lives. Thank you for your kind words and support.

Brian said...

Congratulations, that is such wonderful and exciting news!

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